Top 50+warrior quotes


Warrior Quotes

1. Cowards shrink from challenges, weaklings flee from them, but warriors wink at them

2. If a lion turned every time small dogs barked at it, it would be the laughing stock of the jungle

3. The louder the dogs bark the less a lion feels threatened.

4. A lot of people are wary of us because we’re a little offbeat, but deep down they long to be like us. Always remember that court jesters, Bohemian scribblers, and warriors share similar personality traits, for deep down all of us are Warrior-Poets

5. The Warrior fights before he’s taught how. He just fights, and if you hit him he steps forwards towards you

6. A warrior proves his courage in the heat of battle

7. Hide your weaknesses from your enemies. Play down your strengths

8. You will know the limit of your strength when you fight for what you are afraid to lose. If you know what to be scared of, then you fight harder. Eventually, you learn how to win.

9. A warrior conquers more in one day than a coward in a lifetime.

10. Every battle is lost or won in the arena of the mind..

11. Complacency is a fool’s weakness, diligence is a warrior’s strength.

12. Warriors suffer for their dreams. Cowards pay for their fears.

13. The weaknesses of a warrior are better than the strengths of a coward.

14. The strength of a warrior is not defined by the wars he wins; but the times he seeks for peace

15. Love is a greater warrior than hate

16. A defeated warrior is still greater than a victorious coward.

17. I don’t practice love in war and war in love

18. Truth is sacred till it’s revealed; post it becomes an impression

19. A dead warrior is better than a living coward

20. A warrior earns his medals from the battles he endures
21. Know thy enemy, and then conquer him

22. A wild animal will fear for your crackers but not a warrior

23. The most dangerous weapons live and breathe.

24. Most days I get hyped up to be the best version of myself as I can be, while I battle my array of multiple personalities and emotions like a badass warrior playing tennis

25. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Wake up, release your warrior and tell your demons, ‘Not today! Let’s dance muther fuckers!’ Keep fighting the good fight.

26. have so much knowledge tucked away about how to protect yourself, for even if you are an empath full of peace and love, you sometimes have to become a warrior, for often it is a fight between the darkness and the light. I think if you saw me today, you would not see the scars but a caring, loving person.

27. A warrior knows hunger, not fear.

28. Sometimes fighting against evil is not a choice, but an imperative

29.The mind is a greater warrior than the sword

30. A lion knows hunger, not fear.

31. If adversity was truly bad, warriors wouldn’t rise from it.

32. A warrior experiences many burials, but only one death.

33. The soul is a greater warrior than the mind.

34. A warrior is no greater than the scars he endures in battle.

35. The best way to get your enemy to work for you as a friend is – to create an environment where it is difficult to define the nature of friendship or enmity easily

36. A sage’s mind is mightier than a warrior’s hands

37. You have to be both, a warrior and a thinker, to cope with the changing times such as these.

38. Courage is the greatest warrior; fear is the greatest false prophet.

39. A pen in a scholar’s pocket is greater than a sword in a warrior’s hand.

40. The wolf is strong, and therefore is a warrior. The bear is mighty, and therefore is a general. The lion is invincible, and therefore is a conqueror. The owl is wise, and therefore is king.

41. There is only one predator more formidable than a lion: fear.

42. Patience is a greater warrior than anger.

43. Individually, you are a warrior. Together, we are an army.

44. What is a warrior anyway?’ Black breathed. ‘Being brave doesn’t make you good. I suppose there are warriors for both dark and light.

45. A wild ox is greater than a tame bull.

46. A coward is always sweating, even in cold water.

47. You could be a hunter of success or a warrior of failure – the choice is yours

48. A sage’s mind is mightier than a warrior’s hand

49. A kind wimp is better than a brave warrior.

50. One disciplined warrior is worth more than a thousand unruly ones

51. One who conquers minds is no match for one who wins over souls

52. A seed does not die because you buried it; neither does a warrior

53. A weak warrior is better than a strong coward.

54. A scholar’s pen is more valuable than a warrior’s sword.

55. Never underestimate a warrior; the lion in him may be sleeping, but that does not mean he’s dead.

56. A warrior is defined by his scars, not his medals.

57. The greatest warriors fight not for crowns and splendor, but for love

58. The strong overcome their opponents, the mighty crush them, the shrewd outwit them, the cowardly hide from them, but the enlightened transcend them.

59. A lion does not become king of the jungle hunting mice.

60. Wolves travel in packs, but the fiercest travel alone.


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