Top 19+ Sad Love Quotes Sayings With Pictures

Sad Love Quotes

Sad Love Quotations always make you feel lovely in an emotional way.

Love is an affection or a feeling which we can’t be able to describe in words. In every relationship love is the main factor. When you fall in love with someone you are going to like his/her everything, knowing his habits, telling the other person the truth and letting him/her feel healthy and comfortable with you. If you are loving someone then both of you feeling comfortable with each other.

When you are in a relationship with someone if everything is going right in a relationship then both are feeling right if something between the love relationships gone wrong then there is a sad feeling in a relation. When you are feeling sad in love then you are more emotional and not feeling well.

Sad love quotations play the main role in this situation. These quotations give motivation or strength to face that time period in a healthy way. Basically, these sad love quotations make you strong during that bad time period in a relationship. These sad love quotes also give us a lesson to face difficulties in a life relationship.

1. ” Nobody ever gives the same amount of effort back to me, I always the care more.”

sad love quotes for him
2. ” I thought we were in love but you were just using me to recover from your broken heart.”

sad love quotes for her
3. ” If the hurt comes So will the happiness.”

sad love quotes tumblr
4. ” I don’t need a perfect relationship. I just need someone who won’t give up one me.”

sad love quotes aesthetic
5. ” You don’t know how much you really mean to me.”
sad love quotes twitter
6. ” I don’t want to have the world’s attention. Your is enough.”

sad love quotes short
7. ” I wish I had a photo with you.”

sad love quotes instagram
8. ” If someone doesn’t value you, They deserve to lose you. It’s that simple.”

sad love quotes about him
9. ” We started with a simple hello but ended with a complicated goodbye.”

sad love quotes about losing him
10. ” I remember when we used to talk everyday. I miss that.”

sad love quotes about life
11. ” Everyone has that one person that they’ll never lose feelings for.”

sad love quotes about trust
12. ” No one knows how much I cried that day.”

sad love quotes about crush
13. ” I’m afraid to lose you even though you’re not mine.”

sad love quotes after break up
14. ” I need to stop thinking about you, Because I know you’re not thinking about me.”

sad love quotes about being ignored
15. ” Real feelings don’t just “go away”.”

sad love quotes and sayings
16. ” It’s hard to sleep when your heart is at war with your mind.”

very sad love quotes images in english
17. ” I never knew i could feel so much pain, and yet be so in love with the person causing it.”

sad love quotes by famous poets
18. ” Tears are words the heart can’t say.”

sad love quotes broken heart
19. ” It hurts to know that you will never look at me the way i look at you.”

sad love quotes by gulzar
20. ” I wish i could give you my pain just for one moment so you can understand how much you hurt me.”

sad love quotes black and white

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