Top 19+ Life Insurance Quotes Sayings With Pictures

Life Insurance Quotes

Top 19+ Life Insurance Quotes Sayings With Pictures:

Top 19+ Life Insurance Quotes:

1. ” Buying life insurance is like fixing a leak in your roof. The longer you wait, the more expensive it gets.”

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2. ” Life insurance is like a spare tire.”

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3. ” Life insurance… It’s better to be 5 year too early that 5 minutes too late.”

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4. ” Fun is like life insurance; The older you get, The more it costs.”
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5. ” Don’t sell life insurance. Sell what life insurance can do.”
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6. ” The determination of life insurance salesmen to succeed has made life pretty soft for widows.”
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7. ” Remember, You can’t get life once you need it.”

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8. ” It’s not about what you need; It’s about what your family needs if you aren’t here.”
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9. ” Life insurance is like a parachute; If you don’t have it the first time you need it, there is no second chance.”
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10. ” Life insurance is the greatest proof of love that we can leave our loved ones.”
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11. ” Unless you’re immortal, you need life insurance.”
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12. ” Life insurance is a combination of caring, commitment and common sense.”
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13. ” So many people are taking an unnecessary risk by not protecting their families with life insurance.”
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14. ” Having life insurance is a great way to get financially fit.”
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15. ” Life insurance isn’t for you. it’s for them.”
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16. ” Two sure things in life, Death and taxes. Life insurance can help with both…”
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17. ” If you can afford your lifestyle then you can afford life insurance.”
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18. ” I’m a big crier in general. The right life insurance commerical will take me out for a couple of days.”
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19. ” My wife bought an extra life insurance policy on me.”
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20. ” You don’t need to pray to god anymore when there are storm in the sky, but you do have to be insured.”
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