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Villain Quotes

1. Someone who smiles too much with you can sometime frown too much with you at your back.

2. Every story needs its hero. And its villain. And its monster.

3. Every villian is a hero in his own mind.

4. I am not good. Nor am I evil. I am no hero. Nor am I villain. I am AIDAN.

5. I’m often painted as the bad guy, and the artistic part of me wants to hand out the brush.

6. You can figure out what the villain fears by his choice of weapons.

7. A villain must be a thing of power, handled with delicacy and grace. He must be wicked enough to excite our aversion, strong enough to arouse our fear, human enough to awaken some transient gleam of sympathy. We must triumph in his downfall, yet not barbarously nor with contempt, and the close of his career must be in harmony with all its previous development.

8. Love is willing to become to villain so that the one who you love can stay a hero.

9. Whenever you take on playing a villain, he has to cease to be a villain to you. If you judge this man by his time, he’s doing very little wrong.

10. There are only three types of citizenship: hero, villain, nobody.

11. Ay, that I had not done a thousand more.
Even now I curse the day—and yet, I think,
Few come within the compass of my curse,—
Wherein I did not some notorious ill,
As kill a man, or else devise his death,
Ravish a maid, or plot the way to do it,
Accuse some innocent and forswear myself,
Set deadly enmity between two friends,
Make poor men’s cattle break their necks;
Set fire on barns and hay-stacks in the night,
And bid the owners quench them with their tears.
Oft have I digg’d up dead men from their graves,
And set them upright at their dear friends’ doors,
Even when their sorrows almost were forgot;
And on their skins, as on the bark of trees,
Have with my knife carved in Roman letters,
‘Let not your sorrow die, though I am dead.’
Tut, I have done a thousand dreadful things
As willingly as one would kill a fly,
And nothing grieves me heartily indeed
But that I cannot do ten thousand more.

12. Hard to accept the end of a story
that won the villain against heroes.

13. This is going to be a little uncomfortable

14. A son for a son, heh. But that’s a grandson…and he never was much use.” –Walder Frey

15. Heroic ambition seemed to have been the cause of much of the world’s pain then – quite like it is now. No villain ever saw himself a villain: he only saw himself a hero; and this goes just as no hero ever saw himself a hero: he simply did what he had to do. No true hero initially sets out with intentions of being deemed a hero.

16. I just don’t want you to ever not see me. I know so many people see me as nothing more than a tool for pain. But the other side of the coin is when people make excuses for everything I do. They blame it on a tragic past. On what I am. As though WHO you are is defined by WHAT you are.

17. Gavin had thought tragedy suited her: a young Miss Havisham, wearing the moth-eaten tatters of her frayed hopes like a ravaged bride. She had thought at first that it was the chase he craved, or the thrill of conquest, but while both of those might have been true, it was her humiliation that got him off. Physical, psychological, sexual—his favorite games were the ones he played with her head.

18. Fantômas! The sound of that name evoked the worst horrors! Fantômas! This terrorist, this über-criminal who has never shrunk from any cruelty, any horror – Fantômas is evil personified! Fantômas! He stops at nothing!

19. Do you know what I’ve done? What I would do again if given the chance —to you? What I enjoy doing? I can’t stop. It’s what I am.

20. There will be, he promised in the darkness, new words written upon his heart. I will make one.

21. There was nothing that fascinated the public quite like a beautiful man with an ugly soul.

22. Life is not a cinema indeed both the hero and the villain will die in the end

23. Maybe that was why I adored horror movies and true crime. I identified with the villain, the foe, the outsider. I was always the person who didn’t belong.

24. If you think making unlawful demands predicated on unproven beliefs with the threat of violence represents bravery, you are the villain in the story.

25. You look like Snow White killed the queen and stole the mirror.

26. They hate being unable to control you.

27. The only difference between a hero and a villain is…
Who is telling the story!

28. They often say an idea is not as important as its execution, and that the judgment comes according to perspectives. I confess this be the truth of life. Well then, I should also calculate, that if I have an utterly cruel idea but execute it properly, people will judge me as a saviour, while if a heroic person like you fulfills his idea with the utmost sincerity, he shall be accused of villainy since he goes on extremes just to bring his idealistic vision to life. Aye, amigo – sincerity is rarely rewarded. Foxiness and hypocrisy win the hearts of the multitude, especially if one craftily hides their true intentions and desires with an innocent, hearty smile.

29. One should be labelled as a villain in society’s eyes in order to commit kind deeds untrammelled. The society never associates freedom with kindness, for sometimes the free spirits allow themselves to defy common rules, and the society deems it as villainy. If I am called a villain for the said reason, I shall bear that label with pride, for it proves I am a free man.

30. Someone with a victim mindset is always looking for a villain to blame and a situation to suffer from.

31. I think villains are not those who are blinded by their judgment and believe the acts of cruelty are justice. Those are just victims to darkness. True villains are fully rational – the ones who commit cruelty for the sake of it.

32. He was carving me. Marking me. I whimpered as blood dripped down my neck. ‘Mine,’ he said.
A threat and a promise.

33. Not all people are obsessed with love in their life, some are just are obsessed to need a villain because they want to be a Hero.

34. I can be a hero and a villain all in one night.

35. In a lot of ways, I guess Satan was the first superhero.”
“Don’t you mean supervillain?”
“Nah. Hero, for sure. Think about it. In his first adventure, he took the form of a snake to free two prisoners being held naked in a Third World jungle prison by an all-powerful megalomaniac. At the same time, he broadened their diet and introduced them to their own sexuality. Sounds kind of like a cross between Animal Man and Dr. Phil to me.

36. My advice: give it up now and be glad you failed the first time. Look at me, I’ve only killed one person and look what it’s turned me into.

37. This city was going to burn,’ he thought with a narrow smile. Going out the door with Lady Glenwood, however, he did not like the defiant way her young sister-in-law held his gaze as she picked up the child and braced him against her hip.
Though Miss Montague looked as delicate and demure as any young English gentlewoman, he read a strength of character in her wary blue eyes that gave him pause. Bardou turned away, shrugging off the odd sensation that the girl could somehow see through his charade as a Prussian nobleman. ‘Absurd.’ Eager to escape her cool, blue stare, he escorted Lady Glenwood out to the Stafford’s waiting carriage, which he had borrowed.

38. I couldn’t stop now. I’d caused so much misery that stopping now would earn me all the misery plus no reward at the end. I had to keep going.

39. My flesh and blood…when it rises against me, is not my flesh and blood. I discard it.

40. A giant black beast came rushing up to her, the sound of hoofbeats thundering in her ears. She cowered, waiting to be trampled, but instead strong arms reached down and seized her, sweeping her up.
“I have you now, my Séraphine,” growled the Duke of Montgomery in her ear. “Did you really think I wouldn’t come for you?

41. There is a difference between a villain and one who simply commits a crime. The villain is an extremely conscious person and commits a crim consciously, for its own sake.

42. Dorn exuded confidence, like someone raised in an exclusive Northeastern boarding school; the kind with crested jackets and ties, where teachers lived in fear of their students

43. We live in a society where some of the public idols are actually the villains that are willfully damaging the health of the next generation.

44. If the other Westlanders were frost giants, he was a leviathan; if they were beasts, he was their king.

45. Karika’s hands aren’t just stained with blood. They aren’t just dirty. They’re laden with the devil’s fingerprints.

46. They think I’m the villain “
“U had your reasons to do what u did”
That doesnt justify it still I’m turning to whom I fought not to be the most I’m turning into a goddamn monster a tyrant

47. Richard III’s monologue is not unlike Adolf Hitler’s speech to his General Staff on 23 August 1939, in its utter lack of self-deception. The lack of self-deception is striking because most of us invent plausible reasons for doing something we know is wrong. Milton describes such rationalization in Paradise Lost in Eve, both before she eats the fruit of the forbidden tree and afterwards, when she justifies inducing Adam to eat:
So dear I love him, that with him all deaths
I could endure, without him live no life.
(Pl, IX. 832-33)
Eve makes this profession of love for Adam at the moment when she is, in effect, planning to kill him.

48. As one of the few Marlowes to have met him before the Rebellion, during a time he was still a spare prince, Sigrid said he was arrogant of his status and prone to tantrums. A personification of the Blood of Diagon – handsome on the outside and ugly on the inside.

49. With the muffling of the pills, my response to him was bland, impersonal, and I saw him more clearly: a man so afraid of being ignored or passed over that he’d turned himself into the group’s villain just to get some, any, kind of recognition.

50. Tate explained that James was able to achieve this magic through the use of the first-person narrator. Tate said that the first person is the most difficult form because the writer is locked inside the head of the narrator and can’t get out. He can’t say “meanwhile, back at the ranch” as a transition to another subject because he is imprisoned forever inside the narrator. But so is the reader! And that is the strength of the first-person narrative. The reader does not see that the governess is the villainess because what the governess sees is all the reader ever sees.

51. As one of the few Marlowes to have met him before the Rebellion, during a time he was still a spare prince, Sigrid said he was arrogant of his status and prone to tantrums. A personification of the Blood of Diagon – handsome on the outside and ugly on the in-side.

52. It’s surprising how many stories end in tragedy without any clear villain in them.

53. Zero percent? Zero percent?” Chen said loudly to himself, rapidly sober. “Who are these two bastards then? Where are the real pilots, and where is my aircraft?” Chen slammed his hand down on the metal desk, and the booming sound reverberated throughout the hangar. Maintainers looked in the office direction once again but kept repairing Black Scorpion’s left wing.

54. Maybe I am villain in your story, but I am hero in mine.

55. Am I still a hero if the only person I save is
Am I still a villain if the only person I hurt is

56. I am so tired of this gothic crap,” I muttered. “Just once, I want to meet the villain in a cheerful, brightly lit room. Possibly one with kittens.

57. Harvey, Harvey, Harvey, I always wanted to be a hero in my life but i knew people won’t let me to be a hero they only let you to be a villain, you know a villain, with a knife because these cheap maggots always want you to hurt them, hurt them badly.” the joker said angrily.

58. In an evil society a villain is the hero, because only the villain can speak the truth.

59. I’m right and wrong, moral and immoral, good and bad, a hero and a villain, and I’ve been just as capable of truth as I have been lies.

60. The world is filled with heroes and wannabes, so let me just play the villain.


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