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Who is Travis Scott

Travis Scott was born Jacques Berman Webster, on the 30th April 1992 and is a US rapper, songwriter and producer, who fuses together a variety of genres including hip-hop and lo-fi. In 2012 and 2013, Travis Scott was signed to Epic Records, GOOD Music, owned by Kanye West and then Grand Hustle. All of this led to his first full-length mixtape being released, called Owl Pharaoh and was subsequently followed by a second mixtape in 2014, before his first studio album in 2015, called Rodeo.

Following this raft of releases, Scott’s reputation and critical acclaim increased and it was his second album in 2016 that achieved the top album spot on the Billboard 200. He has gone from strength to strength, releasing further singles and albums that have topped the charts, including Sicko Mode and a compilation album called JackBoys. To date, Scott has sold more than 45 million records in the US and garnered multiple Grammy Award nominations.

A leader in the hip-hop world and an inspiration to many people around the world, his music continues to win acclaim and love, whilst his words have an inner meaning and power to those who follow his music career closely.

Travis Scott Quotes

1.There’s a lot of us out here that are birds, man. We all need to just fly

2.You can’t buy vision, and you can’t buy aesthetic.

3.I’m just here for good times, man. I want people to have the best time ever. Especially if they’re around me

4.Beyonce is, like, the highest level. We all reach for that level.

5.I’m attached to the beat. The beat speaks words. I love music.

6.My whole story is straight mythical. It’s tangible, but it’s also what life could be

7.I feel like Houston is one of the leading things in music culture. Everyone loves the Houston culture. It needs to have its own monument, its own moment for artists like me, artists like Beyonce who set it off.

8.Drake is an amazing person. Also, a magician. He’s a big brother, super-talent; he’s cool.

9.I feel like everyone just gets constricted by their parents or, just, life.

10.I’m big on diversity. My music is very diverse; I don’t want it to ever be typecasted.

11.I was working with Jay Z while I was still learning how to be who I was about to become.

12.You can’t buy swag.

13.I wouldn’t make music with you if I didn’t know you. If you’re a good artist, and if you know it as well, I’m down.

14.James Blake is a real good friend of mine. He’s real different than what you thinks. He’s super turned up.

15.My mom worked for Apple, and my dad owned his own business.

16.When I was three years old, my dad bought me my first drum set.

17.My grandad, he has his doctorate in psychology.

18.You can’t buy being a rock star.

19.Everybody just has different steps in their life that they take to do what they should.

20.I’m not into just one thing; I always felt like I had to have my hand in everything revolving around what I do, whether it’s directing videos, making beats, making music, performing.

21.I’m a magician, like David Blaine. I could never fall.

22.I feel like everything needs to be stylised; that’s always been my mindset.

23.I was born in Houston, Texas. I grew up in Houston, by Missouri City. It’s, like, a suburb in the area; it’s middle-class. But I used to stay with my grandma in the hood from ages one to six

24.You grow up in a small community, there’s no outlet like New York or L.A.

25.I’m La Flame at all times. That, at times, can be bad, at times can be good.

26.Sometimes I might be sleepy, and sometimes I’ve literally been sleeping backstage, woken up, gone straight on stage or gone crazy. It’s not like I psyche myself; I don’t do any of that.

27.I have devoted myself to the Rockets.

28.When you come to my show, it’s like a no-holds-barred, underground Royal Rumble.

29.I see hip-hop as going in a self-managing place. It’s very culturally controlled and artist-controlled. It’s not really based on a label anymore. Everything is pretty much in the control of the artist. Which is amazing.

30.In my whole career, all I wanted was acceptance from Kid Cudi. I don’t care about nothing else! This dude saved my life.

31.Kanye is the leading eagle: he’s like the president who stands up for kids like us who have ideas.

32.Honestly, I really can’t speak on others, but in a sense, I feel like every artist always has their problems with the industry because we all want to have our creative way.

33.I love my fans more than anything.

34.I’m a Bieber fan, man! That kid is ill!

35.I don’t look at myself as a designer; I’m focused on music.

36.I’m always up for collaborating with brands and people who actually design, but doing your own line is a whole other beast. I don’t think I could deal with the criticism.

37.I’m not hip-hop.

38.I’m an artist. I produce, I direct, and all of that goes into the music.

39.I skipped ‘College Dropout’ and ‘Late Registration’ and went straight to ‘808s & Heartbreak.

40.I was on mad platinum albums… I produced and wrote on them

41.I consider myself an artist, which is, like, the most played term, but I believe it.

42.Cudi should be a top tier artist… I think he fathered a lot of the style of music. He’s a good influence and a good help.

43.There are people who take fashion at different levels, but personally, I’m just a kid with it.

44.You’ve gotta motivate kids. They wanna grow up. They got problems. You’ve gotta give ’em that music to make ’em feel like they’re OK, and it’s only a couple of artists that do that.

45.I’m super nice – I just get excited!

46.My A&R at Epic got fired the first week I got signed.

47.I don’t know if he remembers, but the first time I ever met Cudi was the first time I met Kanye. I’ve never told anyone this, but it was the same day. That was the first time I was around G.O.O.D. Music at all. I was sitting like, ‘Man, I’m in the presence of ‘Ye and Cudi. This is the art level where I want to be.’

48.A nerd can call another nerd a nerd.

49.My music isn’t rappity-rap-rap-rap.

50.I remember my mom bought me one of their shirts for Easter so that I could wear Helmut Lang for Easter. That was my first piece.

51.I want first and foremost to help other artists, launch new names, to provide opportunities. I want to do for them what happened to me, but better.

52.My work ethic is crazy. I’m a producer, an artist, and a video director.

53.I was a smart kid. I went to private school in middle school and got kicked out.

54.I’ve got a song with Roscoe Dash – that’s next level, man.

55.With albums like ‘Rodeo,’ ‘Days Before Rodeo’ and ‘Owl Pharaoh,’ I was really tuned into wanting to get people to understand my conscious and who I was mentally and who I am mentally.

56.I’ve been really trying to put people onto, like, my sound since I was, like, 17, 16.

57.I think, with production, I pay very close attention. ‘Cause that’s my favorite thing in music. That’s the whole drive. That’s the reason.

58.I don’t write; I just go in the booth.

59.I know what my identity is.

60.I always hate when, like, my favorite performer has a boring moment. Especially when they got mad hits.


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