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Who is Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle was born Ermias Joseph Asghedom on the 15th August 1985 and was shot dead on the 31st March 2019. He was an American rap artist, as well as an entrepreneur. Huddle developed his music through the hip hop scene on the West Coast of America during the mid 2000s and wasn’t signed to a label when he released his first mixtape, Slauson Boy Volume 1. This independant release only garnered a degree of local success but fortunately caught the eye of record companies and he was signed to Cinematic Music Group and Epic Records.

His subsequent mixtapes were named Bullets Aint Got No Name, The Marathon, The Marathon Continues and Crenshaw, as well as some others. His first full album was called Victory Lap and was released in 2018, winning acclaim from critics and fans alike, being nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy awards.

Alongside his music, he founded the Marathon Clothing store and it was outside his store in South Los Angeles that he was tragically gunned down on 31st March 2019. Whether you enjoyed his music or not, his inspirational quotes about his life and consequent struggles will certainly resonate with many of you.

Nipsey Hussle Quotes

1. “Instead of trying to build a brick wall, lay a brick everyday. Eventually you’ll look up and you’ll have a brick wall.”

2.“Most important thing is to get rid of doubt. If you got doubt in what you’re doing it’s not gonna work.”

3. “You’ve got to have faith in what you’re doing and not take no for an answer.”

4. “Success to me is just being able to do what you love to do and support yourself all through.”

5. “We got turned down, we failed, had set backs, had to start over a lot of times. But we kept going at it. In anybody’s case that’s always the distinguishing factor.”

6. “Without a game plan and without a strong sense of faith in what you’re doing, it’s gonna be real hard to accomplish anything.”

7. “I just believe in ownership… I believe in investing in yourself…Your foundation should be strong.”

8. “Sometimes you have to take two steps back to take ten forward.” –Nipsey Hussle

9. “I never wanted to alienate my brand for business … I always wanted to keep it authentic and keep as pure as I could.”

10. “My thing is that I don’t give no person that much power over my path that I’m walking. Not one person can make or break what I’m doing, except me or God.”

11. “Luck is just bein’ prepared at all times, so when the door opens you’re ready.”

12. “Seize the opportunity, believe and take control of it. Then get on your marathon and grind it ’til it’s over with.”

13. “Your parents are supposed to tell you to make decisions that are gonna help you and that’ll have a positive effect on your life and your well-being.”

14. “I’m more focused on giving solutions and inspiration more than anything.”

15. “I’m focusing on the music, but I still got a cold library of books that I’ve either read or I plan on getting to.”

16. “To me, respect comes first.”

17. “Hopin’ what I’m doing truly make my mama proud, ‘Cause for a very long time, I was the reason for her frowns.”

18. “Be truthful with yourself and other people, and try your best to make decisions outside of your ego.”

19. “I’d rather invest in real estate — invest in some assets as opposed to trick all my money in diamonds and cars — it look good but at the end of the day you’re losing value. It ain’t appreciating, it’s depreciating. (I’m trying to get) a real asset. Take care of my people.”

20. “Material things ain’t nothing, you feel me? At the end of the day it’s who you is.”

21. “Success or greatness come with a roller-coaster ride… anybody can apply the marathon concept to what they do.”

22. “We’re not the cause, we’re the effect.”

23. “I’m at peace with what I’m doing, I feel good with what I wake up doing and about my lifestyle.”

24. “If you don’t know your full-throttle history, the whole story of how you came to where you are, it’s kind of hard to put things together.”

25. “On a mission your worst enemy is idle time.”

26. “I always had passion for rap music and I was always trying to create a situation to where I could do this full-time.”

27. “And it’s possible to monetize your art without compromising the integrity of it for commerce.”

28. “Before rap my last name was my lifestyle, and when I visualize success it looked like right now.”

29. “Most of the time I look inside, And find the answers waitin’.”

30. “I hit the league straight out the streets wit no talent scout.”

31. “Ain’t gone be no east cost west coast war. Ain’t gone be no black men killing black men.”

32. “We playing the long game. We don’t want the money to stop when we go. When we can’t work no more. We want it to outlive us, we want it to be generational”

33. “I call it ‘dropping the rope’. You’ve got to drop a rope. Everybody got to climb up, but you gotta drop the rope.”

34. “If you’ve got a plan, it’s not just like a pipe dream. You have a step-by-step list of things to do to get to your goal.”

35. “I believe that economics is based on scarcity of markets and it’s possible to monetize your art without compromising the integrity of it for commerce.”

36. “Circle got smaller everybody can’t go”

37. “Thought is powerful in all phases. Even in my career, even in my life, things end up exactly how I visualized them.”

38. “I think you can give a pure artistic product if you understand how to build your own industry.”

39. “I knew I wanted to work for myself when I was about eleven”

40. “I’m about seeing long-term, seeing a vision, understanding nothing really worthwhile happens overnight, and just sticking to your script long enough to make something real happen.”

41. “None of my peers avoided prison. None of ’em.”

42. “I realized the power of hip-hop. I realized how influential this music and this culture are.”

43. “Black people in America, people from the struggle, immigrants, it’s no generational wealth that we are attached to, so we are tasked to create – in one generation – closing the gap. That’s why we so Doomsday about getting to the check: ’cause it’s life or death for real.”

44. “If I wasn’t involved in this hip-hop sh*t, I’d probably be breakin’ the law to eat and feed my family and maintain the lifestyle that I’m used to.”

45. “Every artist wants something different out the game.”

46. “Life is what you make it, I hope you make a movement.”

47. “I grew up in an environment where being polite was taken as a weakness. So I just fought everybody.”

48. “When I became a man, and I started to understand the difference between the truth and what your parents are supposed to tell you, there’s a difference, know what I mean?”

49. “I intend to inspire people with my story: motivate young people that grew up like myself, or even not like myself. Just, you know, go through the human experience.”

50. “Gangbanging is a survival instinct, regardless of how anybody tries to paint it.”

51. “Even as you make progress, you need the discipline to keep from backtracking and sabotaging the success as it’s happening.”

52. “And it can be as simple as it seems, If you never doubt yourself and learn from everything you see”

53. “I’m the type person, my safe place to be emotional is the booth.”

54. “I was never ignorant, as far as being experienced in classrooms and learning about different subjects and actually soaking it up.”

55. “You’re not going to scare me into being somebody I don’t want to be.”

56. “An artist always know everything he does, you know what I’m saying, all the record he starts and don’t end up in the public and just sit on the harddrive.”

57. “I identify myself as a hustler since I was a young kid.”

58. “As gang members, as young dudes in the streets, especially in L.A., we’re the effect of a situation. We didn’t wake up and create our own mindstate and our environment; we adapted our survival instincts.”

59. “I built a company at the same time I built a career.”

60. “Obviously from childhood to my teenage years, I really came into my own. I left the house early; I was on the streets when I was, like, 15. I’ve been holdin’ my own since that age.”


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