Top 50+Quotes About Getting Older


Quotes About Getting Older

1. You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.

2. I was thinking about how people seem to read the bible a lot more as they get older, and then it dawned on me—they’re cramming for their final exam.

3. There comes a moment in your life when you realize that no matter how hard you try, you’re never going to be fluent in Spanish. Or go on that African safari you’ve read about since you were a kid. Or be as excited as you used to be about catching fireflies. I keep trying to find my answer to life – and it gets more elusive the older I get.

4. So this is it ⎯ what cost me all that time. A man who turned out to be old, a house that turned out to be empty.

5. I put a thong on a few months ago trying to be sexy. I’ve been looking for it but ain’t seen it since.

6. Those times are over and gone, and good-riddance to them, too. We were hopelessly high-spirited. Now we’re the thick-waisted generation, dragging along our children behind us and carrying our parents on our backs. And we’re in charge, while the figures who used to command our respect are wasting away.

6. The land of easy mathematics where he who works adds up and he who retires subtracts.

7. The body fades. A leader who would last relies on more.

8. His mind has become a refuge for old thoughts, idle, indigent, with nowhere else to go. He ought to chase them out, sweep the premises clean. But he does not care to do so, or does not care enough”(72).

9. His mind has become a refuge for old thoughts, idle, indigent, with nowhere else to go. He ought to chase them out, sweep the premises clean. But he does not care to do so, or does not care enough”(72).

10. When you get to a certain age you find that other people’s opinions don’t really matter anymore, and you get kind of uncomfortable with your place in modern life.

11. As if a great creature had grown old without being able to express its feelings. Not that it didn’t know how to express them, but rather it didn’t know what to express.

12. One of the advantages to getting older, though: while you might not change all that much, you at least got to know yourself. The real you, minus the bullshit and wishful thinking.

13. If people are talking about the past instead of future, if they start to tell about their memories instead of dreams, it means they are getting older.
-Red White Love: The Love of Liverpool FC

14. All of a sudden you may realise that you are no longer young! And at that moment, you must also realise that by refusing getting old you can catch a chance to continue to be young!

15. Ageing is nothing to be ashamed of
Especially when the entire race is in it together
Although sometimes it seems that she alone among her friends wants to celebrate getting older
Because it’s such a privilege to not die prematurely

16. O, elixir of youth, thy name is hair dye.

17. When you can’t run and deliver like you used to, make sure your letters still bleed with imagery under the stampede of your wild thoughts and the untamed nature of your signature energy.

18. Then the girl in the cafe taps me on the shoulder, I realise five years went by and I’m older, memories smoulder, winters colder, but that same piano loops over and over.

19. youth
it leaves you quick
and it never comes back

20. But when they got to the room…he thought how stupid it was not to realize what it would be like: the sprung, creaky bed, sheets that hadn’t been changed from the time before, and the woman herself as she undressed and the clothes came away like the store wrapping on an uncooked chicken, a large piece of meat sitting down on the bed and nothing to do with him.

21. The great wisdom of ageing is to be as forthcoming as a Freemason when people ask how old you are.

22. I’ve decided that, as somebody’s pointed out, the older you get, it’s very difficult to tell how much younger anyone else is. I mean I can’t really tell the difference now between people who are fifteen and people who are thirty-five.

23. The older I get, the more I think it’s like a game of roulette. I don’t believe we’ll ever figure out precisely how the brain works.

24. At last the King’s Champion straightened with a groan, her free hand going to her lower back. “Nobody ever says that, even with healers, your body still adds up your breaks and bruises, then gives you the bill in your mid-thirties,” she said wryly.

25. The problem with getting older was not so much that one got stuck on the past, Vivi often thought, but that there was so much more of the past to get lost in.

26. Men can do that, become more handsome as they grow older. Women just age.

27. One day, all of those promises and wishful thoughts won’t be attainable. The time really is now.

28. No narcissist can survive elderhood

29. Hattie remembers she took her body for granted back then, when it automatically did what her mind instructed it to
She remembers when she could milk thirty cows every morning and every evening, slowly straining the warm milk into cans, then muck out the milking parkour, was and sterilize the utensils and help the dairymen load the milk on to their horse-drawn wagons
Without feeling tired
Now her body fights her over the simplest things like putting on her overalls, getting out of chairs, and climbing stairs

30. Age has given me what I was looking for my entire life – it has given me me . It has provided time and experience and failures and triumphs and time-tested friends who have helped me step into the shape that was waiting for me. I fit into me now. I have an organic life, finally, not necessarily the one people imagined for me, or tried to get me to have. I have the life I longed for. I have become the woman I hardly dared imagine I would be.

31. You solve it as you get older, when you reach the point where you’ve tasted so much that you can somehow sacrifice certain things more easily, and you have a more tolerant view of things like possessiveness (your own) and a broader acceptance of the pains and the losses.

32. He put his hand on his forehead and scoured the French department of his memory for a word. He knew it was in there. He’d put it in almost fifty years before and hadn’t had cause to remove it. But for the life of him he couldn’t find it.

33. In the fifties… when they had their summer parties – there were always different colored lanterns on the lawn… and I get the funniest chill. In the end the bright colors always go out of life, have you noticed that? In the end, things always look gray, like a dress that’s been washed too many times.
34. People don’t like getting older, but they do like changing. Staying the same is a kind of death.

35. When I grow up I want to be an old woman.

36. No one’s life ever goes as they planned. That truth alone should bring a sense of relief to everyone.

37. .. at a certain age we learned to see right through it, and that age is now.

38. My first interview was with eighty-eight-year-old folk artist Marcia Muth… ‘Your life does change as you get older,’ she told me. ‘You get into what’s important and what’s not’.

39. She is seventy, and she believes you try new things or you may as well die.

40. Maybe this is what growing old was like, she thought. Maybe the world gets smaller and smaller until there’s nothing but the walls around you to show you where you end and the rest of the world begins.

41. There’s nothing quite like the sight of two dozen half-naked octogenarians. We enter the stage of life as dolls and exit as gargoyles.

42. You can hide things from the world, but you can never hide things from time.

43. There is a very great difference between older and old, the former being desirable and the latter being inevitable.

44. You might be on the back nine of life, but it’s good to finish strong.

45. The bride’s getting ready to toss her bouquet, so get me up there! Mom said the day after she turned 96.

46. What I like best about cell phones is that I can talk to myself in the car now and nobody thinks it’s weird.

47. Well, you do have all those gray hairs.” I point to the few silver strands coming through.
“They’re not gray,” Mom barks at me as she opens her door. “They’re strands of glittery goodness.

48. The only thing you have to show for a wasted or spent time is that you just realize that you are getting older.

49. You get tired of always wondering anew why life has to take the place of youth.
50. When you are five, you know your age down to the month. Even in your twenties, you know how old you are. I’m twenty-three you say, or maybe twenty-seven. But then in your thirties, something strange starts to happen. It is a mere hiccup at first, an instant of hesitation. How old are you? Oh, I’m–you start confidently, but then you stop. You were going to say thirty-three, but you are not. You’re thirty-five. And then you’re bothered, because you wonder if this is the beginning of the end. It is, of course, but it’s decades before you admit it.

51. One by one they are being picked off around him: in his small circle of colleagues the ratio slowly grows top-heavy, more ghosts, more each winter, and fewer living… and with each one, he thinks he feels patterns on his cortex going dark, settling to sleep forever, parts of whoever he’s been losing all definition, reverting to dumb chemistry…

52. How can you get older when you only get wiser?

53. One of the worst things I’ve learned about getting older is that there seems to be more change that you don’t like than there was when you were younger and you can’t do nothin’ about it.

54. Mi sueño es agitado. Mis nervios están desquiciados. Mi piel está seca. Mi cabello cae. Mis ojos están apagados. Las uñas de mis manos y mis pies están quebradizas. Estoy envejeciendo. Comienzo a no encontrar gusto en cosa alguna. Empiezo a aburrirme de las cosas buenas, como me aburro de las malas. Estoy muriendo. Estoy muriendo y no tengo hijos.

55. The worst thing about getting older is you discover that most of the performers in the shows you used to watch are now younger than you. Suddenly, everything become less believable.

56. Getting older is a question of coming to terms with the fact that you’ll never know the secrets; and the resulting equilibrium is what gives the illusion of actually knowing them.

57. Never complain of getting older, it’s privilege and opportunity. comparing ourselves with those ‘God love more’ who end their life early; i can see life and the ability of age as an tremendous gift from God. When i see my ‘almost to 70 years old’ parents make me think, if I 70 look like and act like them i am not worried about getting older (which i never) because they has set of pleasant example of life at that age.

58. Katherine feels that she must have learned something about marriage from being married before that is now working to her benefit. However, she doesn’t know quite what it is, or how, actually, it works.

59. Europe, the land of easy mathematics where he who works adds up and he who retires subtracts. The land where the economy gets to stagger all over the continent.

60. I have lived to see that being seventeen is no protection against becoming seventy, but to know this needs the experience of a lifetime, for no imagination copes with it.


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