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Welcome Quotes

1. Once again…welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring.

2. Want to keep Christ in Christmas? Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, forgive the guilty, welcome the unwanted, care for the ill, love your enemies, and do unto others as you would have done unto you.

3. Only cops and vampires have to have an invitation to enter.

4. One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn’t as individuals. When we pool our strength and share the work and responsibility, we can welcome many people, even those in deep distress, and perhaps help them find self-confidence and inner healing.

5. Because no one needs to live for ever. I think that sometimes you can outstay your welcome.

6. There is no hospitality like understanding.

7. Enter freely and of your own free will!

8. With good reason, love’s messengers, Eros and Kama, are armed with bows and long-distance arrows. No being, god or mortal, can choose love. Love comes despite ourselves; and then, if we have not already done so, we have the task of becoming our selves so we may welcome love.

9. It only takes one cat – or person – to make another feel welcome and special.

10. What manner of mind considers this holy estate [pregnancy] which women are privileged by the Almighty to attain as a slur upon the social conscience?

11. What you think of as fate only applies to the past. Our futures are only predictable because as creatures of this world we are predictable. Think of a cat and mouse. […] When a cat sees a mouse, it will always chase, unless, perhaps, the cat is pursued by something larger, like a dog. We are much the same. The future knows what things we desire, unless there is something greater in our path that chases us away. […] But even those things that might alter our course, the future usually sees clearly. […] It is not fate, it is simply the future observing that which we crave the most. Every person has the power to change their fate if they are brave enough to fight for what they desire more than anything.

12. Mentally ill? Welcome to my world.

13. In marriage you go away from other people, but at the end of marriage they come out to welcome you back. This is civilisation, she says. The worst thing that happened to you has brought out the best in them. 88

14. Don’t expect a grand welcome when you arrive at your conclusion.

15. The future is much like the past; it is mostly set, but can always be altered.

16. Let me be clear once for all! I am not scared of my own dead! I don’t mind if I die and whenever I die. I welcome dead with open arms. But I am scared from the death of those who I care and love.

17. I rather consider you as my enemy but my wellbeing, I rather consider you as my hater but my wellness and I rather consider you as my opposer but my welcome

18. Welcome, welcome to Caraval! The grandest show on land or by sea. Inside you’ll experience more wonders than most people see in a lifetime. You can sip magic from a cup and buy dreams in a bottle. But before you fully enter into our world, you must remember it’s all a game. What happens beyond this gate may frighten or excite you, but don’t let any of it trick you. We will try to convince you it’s real, but all of it is a performance. A world built of make-believe. So while we want you to get swept away, be careful of being swept too far away. Dreams that come true can be beautiful, but they can also turn into nightmares when people won’t wake up.

19. The latrine is not a place of welcome occupation. The pests, the heat and the stench oozing out from that abyss are strong enough to issue any visitor a premature quit notice.

20. Disabled? Welcome to my world.

21. Depressed? Welcome to my world.

22. I caught sight of myself reflected in the window of the convenience store I’d just come out of. My hands, my feet—they existed only for the store! For the first time, I could think of the me in the window as a being with meaning.

23. Upset that you have lost your paycheck during the COVID-19 pandemic? Welcome to the world of millions of the disabled

24. Welcome to my day.

25. When the church of God does not welcome the President, you know something funky is going on.

26. A smile is the universal welcome.

27. Tolerance is a poor substitute for embrace.

28. Departure of a year welcomes so many new memories

29. Obstacles and opportunities go hand in hand. The difference lies in the way we perceive them.

30. Aloha. It meant welcome and homecoming. It meant love.

31. You want to become a better person? Just give thanks. Give thanks for all of it.

32. Folks had draped strange flags over their iron porticoes with drawings of pineapples and the word WELCOME. The South was like that, festive but impenetrable.

33. Wherever I am, you are always welcome.

34. Moment by moment, in life’s winter, life froze Echoing a history of blues, a milestone rose From A Farewell A welcome

35. When visitors come to a worship service in my own religious tradition, a great deal depends on how warmly they are welcomed and whether they feel included or excluded by what they hear during the short time they are with us. We may have exactly one shot at communicating who we are to people who know nothing about us – or who think they already know a lot about us – but who, in either case, will remember us at the embodiment of our entire tradition, the prime exemplars of our faith.

36. We always welcome in the New Year with the same old weary promises.

37. Unexpectedly. I am more than welcome.

38. When you open your heart to a stranger you have welcomed another heart into your home.

39. Keep everything open and live from openness to openness.

40. Welcome! Smile, and the day will smile with you.

41. And so (We) made our way home. That’s what you do when you run out of options: you go home. Ask a failed college student or a new mother whose partner disappears. Ask the parolee and the schizophrenic. No matter what home is. Even if home is a false hope. You just pick yourself up and go there. Then you sit down and wait to see what happens next.

42. I desire, to have not the desires since it is a way towards satisfaction; otherwise, the sorrows, and worries, move forward to say welcome.

43. You are all welcome to come, or you can take this opportunity to go off on your own. Maybe you have families you want to be with? I don’t know, but this is the time to make your decision. Are you with us for the duration, or is this the end of the line?

44. When you walk and smile at all of those around you, you will find that your smile is as contagious as the common cold but much more welcome.

45. From candy corn to candy canes Welcome Sweet December!

46. Here I am, after all, welcome home, I’m yours. To which Henry replied: When I wanted you you were not mine, when I needed you you rejected me. Why should I cherish you now?

47. Love does not broadcast its arrival, it just creeps up and envelops your soul when you least expect it. It is up to you whether you welcome or fight it, but one thing is for sure…
It will get you in the end…

48. As you may follow, they are an extremely hostile species (i.e. there is no word for ‘welcome’ in the Ruminarii language.) In four short centuries they had managed to lay waste to almost a thousand star systems, enslaving their populations and stripping them of all they wanted.

49. I do not know you. I do not take serious, whatever you think and say. I just know my ways, what fits in it is welcome.

50. Ignorance,… wow sounds like you are now in it… so you came out here… so welcome to my club ignored!

51. Create inclusion – with simple mindfulness that others might have a different reality from your own.

52. Clouds can never hide the sun forever; so don’t complain about clouds but never forget to welcome the sun.

53. There are greater things to be achieved in every new year, and each and everyone must prepare themselves to be great, not by words of the mouth, but by alot of sacrifices.

54. A silent velvet footstep filled me, unwelcome yet so needed. You finally found my hidden shore with grains of time and ocean of the most secret secrets, violet and red; left a trail of deep blue footsteps on my glowing beach of soul, and no matter how many times tides wash the golden sand anew, your prints can never be erased. Each one a shining star in my quiet Universe…

55. This is the gateway to Hell, baby… Welcome to The Underworld.

56. May we greet each other with a smile, hug and speak kind words.

57. You know me. I’ll hurt you. Welcome home.

58. But still – that is our vocation: to convert the hostis into a hospes, the enemy into a guest and to create the free and fearless space where brotherhood and sisterhood can be formed and fully experienced.

59. Thanks to photography, some memories overstay their welcome.

60. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy.


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