Top 50+Values Of Life Quotes


Values Of Life Quotes

1. Life is fundamentally a mental state. We live in a dream world that we create. Whose life is truer, the rational man of action pursuing practical goals of personal happiness and wealth or the philosophic man who lives in a world of theoretical and metaphysical ideas? We ascribe the value quotient to our lives by making decisions that we score as either valid or invalid based upon our personal ethics and how we think and behave.

2. When we attempt to clear up the mess others have made, or when we love the unlovely, we demonstrate the kind of weirdness God likes. We give the lie to the evolutionary survival of the fittest maxim.

3. Error regarding life necessary to life. – Every belief in the value and dignity of life rests on false thinking; it is possible only through the fact that empathy with the universal life and suffering of mankind is very feebly developed in the individual. Even those rarer men who think beyond themselves at all have an eye, not for this universal life, but for fenced-off portions of it. If one knows how to keep the exceptions principally in view, I mean the greatly gifted and pure of soul, takes their production for the goal of world-evolution and rejoices in the effects they in turn produce, one may believe in the value of life, because the one is overlooking all other men: thinking falsely, that is to say. And likewise if, though one does keep in view all mankind, one accords validity only to one species of drives, the less egoistical, and justifies them in face of all the others, then again one can hope for something of mankind as a whole and to this extent believe in the value of life: thus, in this case too, through falsity of thinking. Whichever of these attitudes one adopts, however, one is by adopting in an exception among men. The great majority endure life without complaining overmuch; they believe in the value of existence, but they do so precisely because each of them exists for himself alone, refusing to step out of himself as those exceptions do: everything outside themselves they notice not at all or at most as a dim shadow. Thus for the ordinary, everyday man the value of life rests solely on the fact that regards himself more highly than he does the world. The great lack of imagination from which he suffers means he is unable to feel his way into other beings and thus he participates as little as possible in their fortunes and sufferings. He, on the other hand, who really could participate in them would have to despair of the value of life; if he succeeded in encompassing and feeling within himself the total consciousness of mankind he would collapse with a curse on existence – for mankind has as a whole no goal, and the individual man when he regards its total course cannot derive from it any support or comfort, but must be reduced to despair. If in all he does he has before him the ultimate goallessness of man, his actions acquire in his own eyes the character of useless squandering. But to feel thus squandered, not merely as an individual fruits but as humanity as a whole, in the way we behold the individual fruits of nature squandered, is a feeling beyond all other feelings. – But who is capable of such a feeling? Certainly only a poet: and poets always know how to console themselves.

4. The value of life depends on the amount of pure love that you are giving away.

5. When you’re an original it may take time for people to catch on. So keep at it and don’t question yourself.

6. Values are the definition of our actions in life

7. I know enough of life to know that you can never judge any case on its outside merits.

8. We must resolve to live our lives and to build our lives in such a way, that if every ounce of fame were to dissipate tomorrow, and the only people who still remember our names are the few people around us who have true love for us in their hearts– we would still be able to go on living life with an equal or even greater amount of happiness than before. You see, we must resolve to live our lives in such a way, that the worth and the value of it all comes from those things that are a part of our souls. You fill your soul with what is a part of it, with people who have made you a part of their hearts, and things that bring you awe. Then if all the world were to disappear before your eyes, just not any part of your soul, then you are okay! You are still happy. You can wake up to a new morning in a world that doesn’t know you, retaining every ounce of worth that you had before! And maybe even more.

9. Permit no man to make a mockery of you just because you may not be proficient in something. Remember you are gifted no matter how insignificant it may be, it’s your prized possession, value it

10. Do not delude yourself, tomorrow is not guaranteed; and even if good fortune brings you your tomorrow, there is no guarantee those you love will be a part of it. Do not squander your precious, limited time. Value what love you have in your life – nothing is more valuable. Make it known to those who matter.

11. I am truly not an axiologist, but I am concerned about the value of life in all of its forms and shapes.

12. The best treasure of life is not wealth, but it is simplicity with confidence.

13. Go forward slowly, its not a race till the end

14. Sometimes, we get too keen and in a haste to make new relationships, learn new things, stumble upon new ideas . . . .
Always tending to the unknown and easily excited by the mysterious, that we lose value for and forget to appreciate the things and people that have brought and kept us going this far. Keep the things and people which are sure, else they, too, become mysterious and unknown.

15. Every life has immense value.

16. On the positive side, a strong sense of comradely loyalty triggers genuine affection and friendship. On the negative side, it may strengthen contempt for the lives of opponents and, of course, the loss of a comrade may be followed by even greater brutality in battle.

17. Love, Learn, Laugh… the trio makes Life worth Living.

18. [M]an and generally any rational being exists as an end in himself, not merely as a means to be arbitrarily used by this or that will, but in all his actions, whether they concern himself or other rational beings, must always be regarded at the same time as an end… [R]ational beings… are called persons, because their very nature points them out as ends in themselves, that is, as something which must not be used merely as means, and so far therefore restricts freedom of action (and is an object of respect).

19. Anybody that does not value time does not value life.

20. Human progress isn’t measured by industry, it’s measured by the value you put on a life.

21. Time may be defined as ” dimension governed by activity.” Dimension diminishes with inactivity so does the value of time.

22. Life; that brittle thing in the barren eternity lasting for billions of years. – On Life.

23. LIFE and TIME are the world’s best teachers.
LIFE teaches us to make good use of TIME and TIME teaches us the value of LIFE.

24. The value of life is lost when the pursuit of money becomes the goal as opposed to the pursuit of true happiness.

25. They may think I’m insane because I left my wonderful job. I may think they are insane because they don’t know the value of life.

26. Time is the most precious thing of this world. He who values it is valued by the time itself and the world.

27. By default, therefore, life is nondeterministic, a journey in manifold variables towards self-discovery and self-actualization. Each variable plays a significant role in shaping and balancing the equation of living a meaningful existence. Neither comfort nor suffering is an insufficient reason not to live a meaningful life. On the contrary, it depends upon the hierarchical degree of discovering a redeeming value under any given condition of a particular individual existence. — Danny Castillones Sillada, The Nondeterministic Equation of Life

28. A prudent woman wears her crown with pride. She believes in the power of love and she knows the value of her life.

29. Teach your children that a person is more valuable than any treasure found on this earth, teach them to love, teach them to sing, and dance, teach them to be courageous, and tell them they will be victorious on anything they put their heart and mind to, teach them honesty, and to never give up hope.

30. The Buggers have finally, finally learned that we humans value each and every individual human life… But they’ve learned this lesson just in time for it to be hopelessly wrong—for we humans do, when the cause is sufficient, spend our own lives. We throw ourselves onto the grenade to save our buddies in the foxhole. We rise out of the trenches and charge the entrenched enemy and die like maggots under a blowtorch. We strap bombs on our bodies and blow ourselves up in the midst of our enemies. We are, when the cause is sufficient, insane.

31. He was shaken by an unwelcome insight. Lives did not add as integers. They added as infinities.

32. Each bloodletting hastens the next, and as the value of human life is degraded and violence becomes tolerated, the unimaginable becomes more conceivable.

33. Poor animals! How jealously they guard their pathetic bodies…that which to us is merely an evening’s meal, but to them is life itself.

34. It’s a strange thing, having a child,” he said. It completely alters your most fundamental priorities. When my eldest daughter was born, I realized that I would do anything – anything – to protect her. If I had to set myself on fire to save her from something, I would do it with the utmost relief and gratitude. It’s quite a thing, quite a privilege, to care about someone so much that the measure of worth of your own life is changed so much.”


35. To obtain wealth beyond measure, seek to make more friends than money.

36. Even though I seem not human, a mute shelf
of glucose, bottled blood, machinery
to swell the lung and pump the heart—even so,
do not put out my life. Let me still glow.

37. The spider Mercer gave the chickenhead, Isidore; it probably was artificial, too. But it doesn’t matter. The electric things have their lives, too. Paltry as those lives are.

38. People had written about that, warfare based on attrition of wealth rather than loss of life. But it’s always been easier to make new lives than new wealth.

39. Being illegitimate is a technicality. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with you. Men use “bastard” as a curse. But to use the term thus is to show that they themselves are less than a proper human being.

40. If you do not understand the Golden Rule, which is the most important law in the universe, then you are in trouble. All other rules in your holy books combined — are not as valuable as the ONE Golden Rule. Take two minutes to learn the most crucial law in life. Killing another human comes with the highest penalty, regardless of how you justify it. All life is sacred.

41. if you understand the value of your life it mean that you understand the value of any individuals life for them.

42. It’s true that the hatred is still there. But it doesn’t change anything. Our obligations are the same—to live and sanctify all life with our own. To participate in the world the best we know how, leaving it a better place than we found it. To raise families and teach our children to value life. What more can we do? Should we refuse to live because of the threat of death hanging over us? We’ve always been under sentence of death. Every generation that lives out its days in peace is a victory. Every day we live is a victory.

43. Till the time u dont value urslf , the world wont take a step ahead ! Thinking matters !

44. You are the water that flows freely, the most dynamic force on the planet with the ability to change course and outlook at any time. You can be a raging river or a placid pond. A source of nourishment, or a breaker of walls. Part of an ocean or a solitary drop. You are dynamic, you are beauty, you are life.

45. Why would you waste a second of your life, when that’s one less second you get to live?

46. Real value come from nature and human resources, both of which we already possess.

47. A life is no less valuable or beloved if one lives in an age of decline, than in an age of progress.

48. It’s the special things close to home, and the breadth of life, that makes our time on this earth so valuable.

49. When it comes to our own well being, it is not a matter of doing the math, it is a matter of choosing the formula. When you add up the numbers, keep the primary factors in mind. Then multiply all sums by a positive outlook. The numbers will inevitably change and so will any undesirable equivalence. The math is merely the meter for the moment in an ever changing flux of the dynamic human equation.

50. Everything has a hidden secret meaning to be revealed or to be sealed.


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