Top 50+Ugly People Quote


1. Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.
2. When she awoke, the world was on fire.
3. I want to see beauty. In the ugly, in the sink, in the suffering, in the daily, in all the days before I die, the moments before I sleep.
4. I have an important message to deliver to all the cute people all over the world. If you’re out there and you’re cute, maybe you’re beautiful. I just want to tell you somethin’ — there’s more of us UGLY MOTHERFUCKERS than you are, hey-y, so watch out.
5. I just do art because I’m ugly and there’s nothing else for me to do.
6.  I often stood in front of the mirror alone, wondering how ugly a person could get.
7. People took such awful chances with chemicals and their bodies because they wanted the quality of their lives to improve. They lived in ugly places where there were only ugly things to do. They didn’t own doodley-squat, so they couldn’t improve their surroundings. so they did their best to make their insides beautiful instead.
8.  I have been finding treasures in places I did not want to search. I have been hearing wisdom from tongues I did not want to listen. I have been finding beauty where I did not want to look. And I have learned so much from journeys I did not want to take. Forgive me, O Gracious One; for I have been closing my ears and eyes for too long. I have learned that miracles are only called miracles because they are often witnessed by only those who can can see through all of life’s illusions. I am ready to see what really exists on other side, what exists behind the blinds, and taste all the ugly fruit instead of all that looks right, plump and ripe.
9. If you think something is ugly, look harder. Ugliness is just a failure of seeing.
10. The very idea of making shoes by hand boggled her mind.
11. Look!You want to see? See! Feast your eyes, glut your soul on my cursed ugliness! Look at Erik’s face! Now you know the face of the voice! You were not content to hear me, eh? You wanted to know what I looked like? Oh, you women are so inquisitive! Well, are you satisfied? I’m a good-looking fellow, eh?…When a woman has seen me, as you have, she belongs to me.She loves me forever! I am a kind of Don Juan, you know!…Look at me! I am Don Juan Triumphant!
12. My body is an ugly masterpiece that lives off the beauty of sound.
13. It is the sheer ugliness and banality of everyday life which turns my blood to ice and makes me cringe in terror.
14. I frequently observe that one pretty face would be followed by five and thirty frights.
15. For he was aware of the great secret of life: Women don’t look for handsome men. Women look for men who have had beautiful women. Having an ugly mistress is therefore a fatal mistake.
16. A bore or an uggo might manage not to get up anyone’s nose, but if a girl’s got brains and looks and personality, she’s going to piss someone off, somewhere along the way.
17. My flesh looked like it wasn’t trying. It looked like it hated being part of me.
18. Sometimes I wonder if we ever truly let anyone completely in. The desire for another human being to know you, all of you, all the pieces, even the ones you’re ashamed of — is huge. But too often, we sit down and sort through the pieces only picking out the pretty ones, leaving the ugly ones behind, not realizing that choosing not to share with someone else is like committing a crime against our very soul
19. I prefer to believe the opposite – that there is always an indestructible beauty at the heart of darkness.
20. I’m trying in all my stories to get the feeling of the actual life across—not to just depict life—or criticize it—but to actually make it alive. So that when you have read something by me you actually experience the thing. You can’t do this without putting in the bad and the ugly as well as what is beautiful. Because if it is all beautiful you can’t believe in it. Things aren’t that way.
21. If all we had were roses, would the thorns then be beautiful?
22. Let’s not mince words: the inside of the Sydney casino looks as if Vegas had an illegitimate child with Liberace’s underpants, and that child fell down a staircase and hit its head on the edge of a spade.
23. The beauty on the inside, will determine the ugly on the outside.
24. I walk to Oxford Street and climb on the number 8. It’s freezing and it starts to rain and it’s the ugliest bus I’ve ever seen, rattling down the ugliest streets, in the ugliest city, in the ugliest country, in the ugliest of all possible worlds.
25. No one likes it, apart from blind people, and I’m sure even they can sense it’s profound ugliness as it passes by.
26.  She felt dirty, ugly and tired. She felt like a marshmallow heading into a house fire armed with chocolate and graham crackers.
27. I dare you to say I’m not ugly.
28. This singularity of meaning–I was my face, I was ugliness–though sometimes unbearable, also offered a possible point of escape. It became the launching pad from which to lift off, the one immediately recognizable place to point to when asked what was wrong with my life. Everything led to it, everything receded from it–my face as personal vanishing point.
29. If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it could be a really ugly swan.
30. Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.
31. Accentuated plainness and accentuated vice ought to bring about harmony. Beauty lies in harmony, in style, whether it be the harmony of ugliness or beauty, vice or virtue.
32. No one is born ugly, we’re just born in a judgemental society.
33. I remember scrutinizing his face. I remember drinking his face down to the last drop, trying to elucidate the character, the psychology of such an individual. And yet the only thing about him that has remained is my memory of his ugliness.
34. Nancy Astor: “Winston, you are a drunk!” Winston Churchill: “And you, madam, are ugly. But I shall be sober in the morning.
35.  Beautiful is he who recognizes what is truly beautiful even if the surface is ugly. Truthful is he who says what is true even if the truth is ugly. Ugly is he who measures beauty by its exterior without first weighing the interior. And ugly is the man who judges harshly what he sees looking out without first judging what he sees in the mirror.
36. The ugliness at the heart of beauty. Is there always ugliness, do you suppose? Even when the object is very, very beautiful?
37. He used to say the uglier things are the longer they live, and the ugliest things live forever.
38. A beautiful world with ugly people; an ugly world with beautiful people. We can never win.
39. Rude girls are ugly. I don’t care how pretty you are. If your personality is ugly then you’re ugly.
40. -and then what happened?- I asked him, but I had no desire to know. Whatever it was, it has to be ugly.
41. It’s funny how the ugly duckling always has so many beautiful things to teach us.
42. We are often deceived by a selfie into thinking that someone does not think that they are ugly.
43.  Any part of me that identified with being handsome was slowly being erased-though, in fairness, I was happy to be uglier and alive.
44.  For someone’s ugliness or the congenital abnormality of their body or body part, if we cannot help but laugh, we ought to laugh, not at them, but at Mother Nature.
45.  Wikipedia is like a flower bed, mostly beautiful with some ugly weeds.
46.  America is a beautiful country with an ugly government.
47.  Makeup often seems to be used to hide a woman’s beauty.
48. Eloise had been with Dad since before the riots. “As long as I breathe,” Dad often said, “Eloise will have a job.” She was like a second wife to him. She took care of him during his workday. They argued and fought and got grumpy with each other. There was genuine affection. Mom knew all this. “Thank God Eloise is uglier than a cow living near Chernobyl,” Mom liked to say, “or I might wonder
49. You ugly, bald baby, I hate you.
50. A beautiful woman has an unfair advantage when her work, performance, or ability is judged by a straight man. But has an unfair disadvantage when it is judged by an ugly woman.
51. He embraced himself with pride, because he knew that this ugly, faeces-stained, smelly little demon hadn´t lost completely.
52. This is what we get for thinking that scaley orange skin and fake hair could keep that former demon out of elected office.
53. What an ugly, loveless life for a girl.
54. Sometimes blessings come in ugly wrapping paper.
55. One simple thing to do and destroy the spirit of self-sabotage is to admire the beauty hidden in ugly circumstances.
56. Beauty is instantly more than doubled—ugliness, more than halved—by the mere act of smiling.
57. Some people would deem their parents or children ugly if they were not theirs.
58. She left feeling dirty, and on the bus ride home she knew that what her uncles told her had come true: she had been attracted to an object that was beautiful, and she had become spellbound, and then its shape had changed, and what had appeared beautiful had turned ugly.
59. A beautiful woman’s ugliness is often hidden in her heart … or by her shoes.
60. When a girl turns fourteen, she changes. She gets acne, or she is not supremely skinny. She is not beautiful anymore.


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