Top 50+Sunshine Quotes


Sunshine Quotes

1. Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.

2. Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine.

3. I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house.

4. What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.

5. What did you call her?” she asks but I don’t think it’s her real question.
“Sunshine,” I say, and she smiles like she believes it’s perfect and she may be the only person other than me who would think so.
“What is she to you?” she whispers. The real question and I know the answer even if I don’t know how to say it.
Drew’s muffled voice rises up from the floor before I can respond.
“Family,” he says.
And he’s right.

6. Some people are so much sunshine to the square inch.

7. Some people seemed to get all sunshine, and some all shadow…

8. It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.

9. Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.

10. As the years pass, I am coming more and more to understand that it is the common, everyday blessings of our common everyday lives for which we should be particularly grateful. They are the things that fill our lives with comfort and our hearts with gladness — just the pure air to breathe and the strength to breath it; just warmth and shelter and home folks; just plain food that gives us strength; the bright sunshine on a cold day; and a cool breeze when the day is warm.

11. Laughter is a sunbeam of the soul.

12. “Minho snickered and leaned back in his chair. “Man, you are one butt-load of sunshine, let me tell you.

13. my mother
is pure radiance.

she is the sun
i can touch
and kiss

and hold
getting burnt.

14. No, I don’t miss you… Not in a way that one is missed.
But I think of you.
In the way that one might think of the summer sunshine
On a winter night…

15. Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.

16. The sun,–the bright sun, that brings back, not light alone, but new life, and hope, and freshness to man–burst upon the crowded city in clear and radiant glory. Through costly-coloured glass and paper-mended window, through cathedral dome and rotten crevice, it shed its equal ray.

17. A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love.

18. But once in a while, you pick the right thing, the exact best thing. Every day, the moment you open your eyes and pull off your blankets, that’s what you hope for. The sunshine on your face,warm enough to make you heart sing.

19. Ô, Wanderess, Wanderess
When did you feel your
most euphoric kiss?
Was I the source
of your greatest bliss?

20. Thunderstorms are as much our friends as the sunshine.

21. Whisky is liquid sunshine.

22. Love and work are to people what water and sunshine are to plants.

23. The beauty of that June day was almost staggering. After the wet spring, everything that could turn green had outdone itself in greenness and everything that could even dream of blooming or blossoming was in bloom and blossom. The sunlight was a benediction. The breezes were so caressingly soft and intimate on the skin as to be embarrassing.

24. Dandelion wine. The words were summer on the tongue. The wine was summer caught and stoppered…sealed away for opening on a January day with snow falling fast and the sun unseen for weeks…

25. I used to cover my windows in heavy curtains, never drawn. Now I danced in the sunlight on my hardwood floors.

26. Here sat Marilla Cuthbert, when she sat at all, slightly distrustful of sunshine, which seemed to her too dancing and irresponsible a thing for a world which was meant to be taken seriously…

27. Just living isn’t enough,” said the butterfly, “one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” -Hans Christian Anderson

28. She perched on her windowsill, gazing at the lurid sun soaking into the Caldera, trying to appreciate it even though she couldn’t have it. Why did she always feel she had to do something in the face of beauty?

29. We all want to see Sunshine after Moonlight.

30. Once your soul is awakened, you never return to the sleepwalking state of mind. Some people become complacent in life. They are just going through the motions and not aware of truth. Seek the knowledge, wisdom, and the understandings that vivify your existence.

31. She was like the sun,
She knew her place in the world –
She would shine again regardless
of all the storms and changeable weather
She wouldn’t adjust her purpose
for things that pass.

32. We must leave this terrifying place to-morrow and go searching for sunshine.

33. While she was light and sunshine, he was nothing but clouds and darkness.

34. I write about adversity, I praise adversity, not to be pessimistic, but rather to strengthen myself. The more familiar that you are with it, the less likely you are to have a breakdown when it occurs. You become more reflective of its purpose, you understand God’s reason for it, and are then able to make the best of everything that you are handed. The darkness is only frightening after constant sunshine.

35. To say goodbye, is to die a little.
To say good morning, is a hope for a new sunshine in a cloudy winter.

36. And, I think, this greening does thaw at the edges, at least, of my own cold season. Joy sneaks in: listening to music, riding my bicycle, I catch myself feeling, in a way that’s as old as I am but suddenly seems unfamiliar, light. I have felt so heavy for so long. At first I felt odd- as if I shouldn’t be feeling this lightness, that familiar little catch of pleasure in the heart which is inexplicable, though a lovely passage of notes or the splendidly turned petal of a tulip has triggered it. It’s my buoyancy, part of what keeps me alive: happy, suddenly with the concomitant experience of a sonata and the motion of the shadows of leaves. I have the desire to be filled with sunlight, to soak my skin in as much of it as I can drink up, after the long interior darkness of this past season, the indoor vigil, in this harshest and darkest of winters, outside and in.

37. As we walk back, it feels like the city is engulfing us. Adrenalin still pours through our veins. Sparks flow through to our fingers. We’ve still been running in the mornings, but the city’s different then. It’s filled with hope and with bristles of winter sunshine. In the evening, it’s like it dies, waiting to be born again the next morning.

38. Life brings darkness so many times, and we feel down in this phase of darkness. But the true value of darkness only realizes when we face the darkness, until we look some sunshine within the darkness.

39. There he got out the luncheon-basket and packed a simple meal, in which, remembering the stranger’s origin and preferences, he took care to include a yard of long French bread, a sausage out of which the garlic sang, some cheese which lay down and cried, and a long-necked straw-covered flask wherein lay bottled sunshine shed and garnered on far Southern slopes.

40. For a dark street, sunshine is most welcome; for a wounded soul, love is most welcome!

41. As the sun shines I will make hay
To keep failure at bay
For there remaineth a pay
For my honest toil each day.

42. Before he had come to the town he had known about nothing but death: here he had learnt to live, to decide things for himself; he had learnt what it felt like to wash in clean water in the sunshine until he was clean himself, and what it felt like to satisfy his hunger with food that tasted good; he had learnt the sound of laughter that was free from cruelty; he had learnt the meaning of beauty

43. Let there always be a bright spot in your heart for the people around you. They might need a bit of sunshine.

44. Having a dream is like having sunshine. Without it, you cannot see as clear. With it, your world shines. Have a dream, and the light will fill your eyes with hope.
45. Put yourself into anothers shoes.
But is it enough for you to put yourself into another smelly shoes after you realise the smell of your own shoes is different from anothers shoes.

46. Shade is a two faced friend
In the heat of summer
It provides a welcome respite
Yet in winter’s chill
It hides the warming sun

47. “She scowled at him until a light appeared in her intelligent eyes, as if she had had an epiphany. “Are you an illegal alien?

48. yeah, sure, the sun will age my skin, and all these giggles and smiles with you will, over time, will crack up my face and give me wrinkles…sunshine, giggles, smiles, you? that’s happiness, baby i’m living!

49. They are closing the mine in two weeks, they say. Six days a week bumping down in the gondola, pecking out the rocks and hauling them back up, doing it again the next day for twenty-seven years, one cave-in, three thin raises, and a failed strike. Where am I going to go every day, what am I going to do with all that sunshine?

50. Oh great!
I never recognized Sunshine shining me, within me.

51. The flowers inside your body are more beautiful than the flowers outside – full with fragrance and love. They are the sunshine and the medicine of your soul. Oh, the lost one come back to the source. You will be happier than ever before.

52. And remember, Wallis, there’s something the matter with Mr. Allan’s shutters. They won’t always close the sunshine out as they should.

53. You smell of honey and sunshine. Even after all that. The darkness of this world can’t dim the light that shines from you, Eliane.

54. I find myself smiling. My cheek muscles feel different – they’re like a room that hasn’t seen light in years that suddenly had all the blinds pulled open and the sun is beaming in at full volume. And I can’t help myself, my smile keeps stretching, wider and wider.

55. Hiding you from the sunshine doesn’t mean the sun is in the darkness, it means you are in the darkness

56. Speaking up assertively is a better choice than staying dumb.
Believe me: “Self-expression is a dominate necessity of human nature!”
State your case with honesty, brevity, and confidence.
Your voice is inspiring and uplifting to others whose lips are zipped.
Display your sincere leadership skills with faith and be proud!

57. Listening skill is a great quality for humanity to possess.
Learn to be the last to speak after everyone has their chance.
Value your time and effectiveness—not busyness and nosiness.
Get enough sleep the night before leading up to the event.
Strengthen your position and make it a point to ask the question “Why?!

58. Stop your whining, complaining, and criticizing.
No one wants to hear about what is not happening in reality.
Inspire moments for success to be enhancing and uplifting to souls.
Be consistent and not “Wishy-washy!”
Hang clean laundry out to dry in the flowing wind and golden sunshine!

59. She wove golden rays of sunshine,
Into a long and flowing dress,
That left the scent on everything she touched,
Of nature’s sweet caress,
Everywhere the girl did go,
The flowers would all bloom,
And she could chase the lonely feeling,
Out of every room,
She could drive out all your sadness,
And cause a frozen heart to thaw,
She’s paint the sky pink every morning,
But nobody ever saw,
No one thought to thank her,
For the warmth upon their skin,
Or for chasing all their demons,
From where the night-time’s breath had been,
So she thought she wasn’t needed,
She could leave and they’d not care,
But they’d taken her for granted,
Since her light was always there,
Because you never thank the ground,
Until you know how it feels to fall,
Or just how much you need the sun,
Until it doesn’t rise at all.

60. Coming back on the right track is what we can do and this is
what life is all about, life is about so many things.


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