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Who is Iron Sheik

Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri better known by his ring name The Iron Sheik, is an Iranian-American retired professional wrestler, amateur wrestler and actor. Vaziri is the only Iranian world champion in WWE history, having won the WWF World Heavyweight Championship in 1983. Coming off the Iranian hostage crisis, The Iron Sheik is considered to be one of the greatest heels of all time. His villainous character peaked during the 1980s WWF wrestling boom and his rivalry with Hulk Hogan turned Hogan into one of the greatest television heroes of the decade. He would later form a tag team with Nikolai Volkoff, with whom he won the WWF Tag Team Championship at the inaugural WrestleMania event. In 2005, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

A heel throughout the 1980s, he later gained popularity on Kidd Chris, The Howard Stern Show, and on the internet due to his shoot interviews, vulgar language, and his intense dislike for some of his fellow professional wrestlers including B. Brian Blair.

Iron Sheik Quotes

1. I love the Kanye West, I respect the Kanye West, but his wife look like fat penguin. She eat too much cheeseburger and she have no moderation

2. A pencil has eraser because it make mistake

3. If I see the… Hulk Hogan or the Donald Trump, I break their back – make them humble

4. Every hundred year, mother make baby like Iron Sheik, Michael Jordan and the Jesus. Only one chance to prove you are the real in a lifetime

5. Never give up or you are big time jabroni

6. I come from oldest country in the world and everybody know when Iron Sheik see the bad person like the OJ Simpson or jabroni Chris Brown or the good man like the Ray Lewis, I respect them or break their back

7. I’m the legend. I always be the legend

8. Being a wrestler is not an easy life. It’s very hard on the body. I loved it, but it is a hard life to live

9. Impossible for wrestler to become doctor or the mechanic. All they know is the wrestling and forever they do this job

10. Like everybody know, six years, nobody beat Mr. Bob Backlund. I beat him in most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden

11. I make Hulk Hogan to be Hulkamania. Because I was a champion before him, I lost my belt to him

12. Never cut the hand that feed you, otherwise you are no-good piece of garbage

13. I was three times AAU All-American World Champion and I had rough time. I was broke, no money and everything was bad for me until WWE

14. Chris Brown, he biggest jabroni. He have good name before he made a lot of money now he mess it up. What kind of man that beat the women? He no-good low life

15. Rob Ford is a jabroni

16. The Rock now the hottest thing. He come from wrestling background. Father, mother, grandfather all from wrestling business: 2-3 generations. I watch his movie. He great movie star, and I be wrestling with his father Rocky Johnson. I love them

17. Ultimate Warrior? No! No! The Ultimate never a good person in the business. He never respect the people

18. Rob Thomas, the Action Bronson and the Riff Raff. Both the musicians, they know who I am and they know I come from oldest country in the world and if I want my words like the music. I forever love them like the Frank Sinatra

19. The Brodus Clay have gimmick good for the kids and make the people happy

20. For the boxing, Muhammad Ali and the Michael Tyson both Iron Sheik class

21. A lot of people think the wrestling is easy. I have bad knee… almost no walk. Look at the Jerry Lawler with his heart. We still get involve with the sport because we have the pride and the heart. Sometime we get hurt and sometime we don’t

22. For me, America was good

23. The Iron Sheik come from Iran where I went to Olympics in Greco-Roman wrestling

24. When I see someone who don’t respect the people, I break their back old-country way on the Twitter. I am the law of the Twitter

25. When I see someone who do the good or the bad, I let the world know because Iron Sheik always talk his mind

26. Sheikie love the music that make me happy when I eat the kebob. I love the old generation – the Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley – he legend

27. Only few people have same level as Iron Sheik – the Brock Lesnar and the Kurt Angle. Back in the day, they both be good opponent for me. They know I could break their ankle if I want

28. My best match, draw me lot of money and make me world famous, is the boot-camp match with the Sergeant Slaughter. He was hottest thing in the wrestling, and when Iron Sheik come we make the world news

29. Mr. McMahon is a genius, and he know how to give the people good match from first match to the last match

30. Brock Lesnar from the Minnesota. He is one of the best wrestling background, like Iron Sheik and like the Kurt Angle, Dan Gable. He the real freestyle wrestling

31. World champion always say ‘yes please’ – never hold back when someone need humble

32. I have a lot of respect for Olivia Chow because she is a real excellent lady and honoured Iron Sheik’s friend

33. I do ‘The Howard Stern,’ make me happy. Also I sold out Comedy Store in the Los Angeles for my roast. This way everybody know I make the people laugh and happy. I love it

34. The Ric Flair, I am his teacher from the Minnesota. We work together. He great performer, he great talker

35. Your fans you never disrespect, but if they look like jabroni than you humble them till they respect you

36. Respect to the Smashing Pumpkin the Black Key and the King of the Leon. They all have the real heart and work to make the people happy

37. To represent Iran in the Olympics feel great

38. I love wrestling and I would do it all again. But it is a very, very hard business. There is nothing about it that is easy

39. Football players cannot be wrestlers. Wrestling is a much tougher sport

40. I am a real Iranian, and I’m in entertainment but still I was a 100 per-cent wrestler

41. Triple H the new Vince Kennedy McMahon. He smart to know who good for business

42. I love the people to see me as gold medal, Hall of Fame, world champion that knows how to make the world news and how to come from oldest counrty in the world to be most famous Iranian in the history

43. I knew I had to leave. If Iran was not good for eh-Takhti, it was not good for me

44. All my life I am in the gym, stay healthy, and I know how to party and make the world news

45. I beat Angelo Mosca, one of the great football players – nobody beat him – I beat him at Maple Leaf Gardens. I became champion and I cannot forget Maple Leaf Gardens

46. I was the most hated wrestler in WWE, No. 1 company in the world

47. I usually do not travel with my enemies

48. Wrestling toughest sport. We never take day off. We never have the offseason like the hockey or the football. We work year-round, and we never complain because you fight to be with biggest company in the world and you never ask for the time to rest

49. The Vince McMahon tell me I am the best Middle Eastern wrestler ever. He tell me I need new name to show how strong I am like the iron. He want me to become like the Shah. He call me the Sheik

50. God bless my intelligent fans for their support

51. Some days I’m in a good mood and sometimes I’m bad

52. John Cena I respect, but he know he never get out of my camel clutch and I can break his back

53. Mr. McMahon was the first promoter in the world give me a break at World Championship. I cannot double-cross that company

54. Katy Perry look like Kermit the Frog

55. Bubba, in my old day I party on the road with all my friends. Now, I respect my family I respect the world and I don’t do anything anymore

56. U.S.A. greatest country in world. Sheikie-baby live in the America. I live in Atlanta, the L.A. and the New York City – greatest city in the world

57. Everybody know I sold out the Madison Square Garden and I most famous American Iranian in the world

58. The CM Punk is No. 1 in the world, bubba. He work hard. He love the wrestling business

59. I am the greatest heel, which means the bad guy in the wrestling history

60. We do Greco-Roman, freestyle. The Old Country way. No gimmick wrestling in my house


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