Top 50+quotes about honor


Quotes About Honor

1.Confidence… thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live.

2.I love the name of honor, more than I fear death.

3.If it be a sin to covet honor, I am the most offending soul.

4.If we are marked to die, we are enough to do our country loss; and if to live, the fewer men, the greater share of honor.

5.To me there has never been a higher source of earthly honor or distinction than that connected with advances in science.

6.Dirt used to be a badge of honor. Dirt used to look like work. But we’ve scrubbed the dirt off the face of work, and consequently we’ve created this suspicion of anything that’s too dirty.

7.Piety requires us to honor truth above our friends.

8.For though we love both the truth and our friends, piety requires us to honor the truth first.

9.The truth is, hardly any of us have ethical energy enough for more than one really inflexible point of honor.

10.Winning an Oscar is an honor, but, between you and me, it does not makes things easier.

11.Certainly it is valuable to a trained writer to crash in an aircraft which burns. He learns several important things very quickly. Whether they will be of use to him is conditioned by survival. Survival, with honor, that outmoded and all-important word, is as difficult as ever and as all-important to a writer.

12.Owning great landmarks such as the Empire State Building or Trump Tower or the General Motors Building or the Plaza Hotel – there are certain just spectacular landmarks – it’s an honor; it’s really an honor.

13.Ability without honor is useless.

14.You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.

15.The honor of a nation is its life.

16.There are three classes of men; lovers of wisdom, lovers of honor, and lovers of gain.

17.Courage. Kindness. Friendship. Character. These are the qualities that define us as human beings, and propel us, on occasion, to greatness.

18.Bullfighting is the only art in which the artist is in danger of death and in which the degree of brilliance in the performance is left to the fighter’s honor.

19.Honor is simply the morality of superior men.

20.All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.

21.Life every man holds dear; but the dear man holds honor far more precious dear than life.

22.We should live, act, and say nothing to the injury of anyone. It is not only best as a matter of principle, but it is the path to peace and honor.

23.To the Master’s honor all must turn, each in its track, without a sound, forever tracing Newton’s ground.

24.There is no dishonor in losing the race. There is only dishonor in not racing because you are afraid to lose.

25.The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be.

26.The difference between a moral man and a man of honor is that the latter regrets a discreditable act, even when it has worked and he has not been caught.

27.Honor is the reward of virtue.

28.It is better to be alone than in bad company.

29.Give me honorable enemies rather than ambitious ones, and I’ll sleep more easily by night.

30.Who sows virtue reaps honor.

31.Be strong. Live honorably and with dignity. When you don’t think you can, hold on.

32.It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered.

33.It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles.

34.Liberty, as well as honor, man ought to preserve at the hazard of his life, for without it life is insupportable.

35.I have learned not to worry about love; but to honor its coming with all my heart.

36.A true gentleman is one that apologizes anyways, even though he has not offended a lady intentionally. He is in a class all of his own because he knows the value of a woman’s heart.

37.Honor has not to be won; it must only not be lost.

37.All honor’s wounds are self-inflicted.

38.You’ve all seen over the last eight years what President Obama means to this country. He is the embodiment of honor, resolve, and character – one of the finest presidents we have ever had.

39.Fondly we think we honor merit then, When we but praise ourselves in other men.

40.Nothing reflects so much honor on a workman as a trial of his work and its endurance of it. So it is with God. It honors Him when His saints preserve their integrity.

41.Next time you’re faced with a choice, do the right thing. It hurts everyone less in the long run.

42.The main rule to me is to honor God with your life. To life a life of integrity. Not be selfish. You know, help others. But that’s really the essence of the Christian faith.

43.Honor and shame from no condition rise. Act well your part: there all the honor lies.

44.I have observed that society in general always seems to honor its living conformists and its dead troublemakers.

45.Death most resembles a prophet who is without honor in his own land or a poet who is a stranger among his people.

46.Since the days of Greece and Rome, when the word ‘citizen’ was a title of honor, we have often seen more emphasis put on the rights of citizenship than on its responsibilities.

47.Honor your commitments with integrity.

48.Disarmament, with mutual honor and confidence, is a continuing imperative.

49.I continue to care for President Obama and for his family. I think that in many ways they are very courageous people, and I honor that, because I know what it means to live as a black person in a racist America.

50.Honor means that a man is not exceptional; fame, that he is. Fame is something which must be won; honor, only something which must not be lost.

51.A true man of honor feels humbled himself when he cannot help humbling others.

52.You should not honor men more than truth.

53.To be ambitious of true honor, of the true glory and perfection of our natures, is the very principle and incentive of virtue.

54.There is no beauty in sadness. No honor in suffering. No growth in fear. No relief in hate. It’s just a waste of perfectly good happiness.

55.To be wealthy and honored in an unjust society is a disgrace.

56.Working with our military community has been the biggest honor of my life.

57.WikiLeaks is a service to the population. Assange should get an award for – presidential medal of honor.

58.Never throw the first punch. If you have to throw the second, try to make sure they don’t get up for a third.

59.The greatest honor history can bestow is that of peacemaker.

60.I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.


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