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Who is Eric Andre

Eric Andre is an American comedian and actor who was born in Boca Raton, Florida on the 4th April 1983. Raised in Manhattan, New York, Andre’s mother was Jewish and his father an Afro-Haitian immigrant and he has been vocal about his identity as both a Jewish and Black man. His education involved attending a school of arts, followed by Berklee College of Music, graduating in 2005.

He is most well known as the creator of The Eric Andre Show, hosting the parody style show which mocks well-known talk shows and includes sketches, interviews with celebrities and more. Away from his own show, he has had roles in many sitcoms and comedy series such as 2 Broke Girls and Don’t Trust the B.. in Apartment 23. He has most recently begun working with Netflix, voicing a character in the animated show Disenchantment and releasing a standup comedy special called Legalize Everything.

An influential comedian with a passion for music and acting, his collection of quotes will have you laughing and thinking in equal measure and we hope you enjoy getting to know the man behind the words and his experiences of working in the world of comedy and tv shows.

Eric Andre Quotes

1. I have a karaoke punk band called The Ungrateful Dead, but we don’t exist yet.

2. I was a class clown since second grade.

3. I’ve never seen ‘The Goonies.’ I’ve never seen ‘Indiana Jones.’ I watched ‘UHF’ over and over
again when I was little, and that was it. I had no time for any other movies. I watched ‘Naked Gun,’ ‘UHF,’ and ‘Airplane!’ over and over.

4. I grew up in Boca Raton, Florida – the worst place on earth.

5. I loved ‘Space Ghost’ when I was in college.

6. ABC is owned by Disney, so it’s a little more conservative than Adult Swim. Polar opposites.

7. I was eating beans by candle light for a decade.

8. I want to be remembered for my poop jokes. Those are the most important kind.

9. From ‘Chappelle’s Show’ to ‘Tosh.0,’ there’s so much race comedy. It’s overdone.

10. ‘The Simpsons’ is like Charlie Parker or Marlon Brando or Richard Pryor: Comedy couldn’t go back to the way it was after ‘The Simpsons’ came out.

11. People forget at the time that ‘The Simpsons’ started out, it was controversial – the fact that they said ‘hell’ and ‘damn’ in a cartoon was a lot. America was in an uproar.

12. I don’t think I would do a straight late-night talk show, like a ‘Tonight Show’ kind of thing. But I’m open to whatever is done well. I don’t have any agenda. I’m not like Fugazi – I’m not trying to be just so punk rock until I die. Whatever is funny is good.

13. Dan Curry is the funniest guy in the world. I can sit in a room with him for hours, and he’s just cracking me up constantly. And Kitao is the next Terry Gilliam. A lot of comedy directors are just comedic writers, but they don’t have any sense of aesthetic or visual vocabulary.

14. First paying gig, I got 20 bucks. I played at some really weird venue. I don’t remember the venue; I just remember it was the last stop on the A train. It was, like, the Far Rockaways, Queens, and it was an audience of, like, three people.

15. I think journaling is a key to success. You can set clear goals for yourself. You can start noticing repetitive behavior patterns and see the type of things that keep bothering you, and then you can have a bird’s eye view of it.

16. First paying gig, I got 20 bucks. I played at some really weird venue. I don’t remember the venue; I just remember it was the last stop on the A train. It was, like, the Far Rockaways, Queens, and it was an audience of, like, three people.

17. You know something is a hit comedically if you can just call up one of your friends and belt out a line from the show and you both start laughing.

18. Half the shows on Comedy Central are just multi-cam blue sets, and they kind of look like game shows from the ’90s. It’s like, ‘Why do such a bland corporate aesthetic when the sky’s the limit with what you can do?’

19. I’ve always been obsessed with bad, awkward television and bad public access. Before YouTube, it was a treat coming across that stuff. When I moved to New York, I used to love watching public access late at night.

20. It’s funny – almost every comedian that I started out with moved to L.A., except for my two friends Hannibal Buress and Amy Schumer. And my two friends that are doing the best in comedy, the most successful friends I have, are Hannibal Buress and Amy Schumer.

21. I don’t really know how music and comedy are similar. I try never to dissect it theoretically or academically.

22. I like Velvet Underground, but I was never really hardcore into them. I like them, and I like Nico, but I won’t front like I’m super knowledgeable. I just never got around to it.

23. I used to be a Geico Caveman for live events. I was a corporate mascot. It was the silliest job. It was actually awesome and fun, but it was retarded.

24. Hannibal Burress is my polar opposite in energy. I can be crazy, and he grounds the ‘Eric Andre Show.’

25. ‘Wonder Showzen’ is one of my favorite shows of all time. When I first saw it, I thought it was so funny and new and original and edgy and insane and subversive. I didn’t know comedy could do that. It redefined what I thought you could do with a TV show.

26. When you ask people who their favorite comedian is or favorite African-American comedian, people generally say Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, or Richard Pryor. Redd Foxx gets left out a lot.


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