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Curses Quotes

1. Stars are beautiful, but they must not take an active part in anything, they must just look on forever. It is a punishment put on them for something they did so long ago that no star now knows what it was.

2. That’s life for you. All the happiness you gather to yourself, it will sweep away like it’s nothing. If you ask me I don’t think there are any such things as curses. I think there is only life. That’s enough.

3. Favorite Quotations. I speak my mind because it hurts to bite my tongue. The worth of a book is measured by what you carry away from it. It’s not over till it’s over. Imagination is everything. All life is an experiment. What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.

4. The gods’ most savage curses come upon us as answers to our own prayers. Prayer is a dangerous business.

5. Seriously, who curses you with their dying breath and says, I hope your eye twitches

6. For him that stealeth, or borroweth and returneth not, this book from its owner, Let it change into a serpent in his hand and rend him. Let him be struck with palsy and all his members blasted. Let him languish in pain crying out for mercy, Let there be no surcease to his agony till he sink in dissolution. Let bookworms gnaw his entrails in token of the worm that dieth not. When at last he goeth to his final punishment, Let the flames of Hell consume him forever. [attributed to the Monastery of San Pedro in Barcelona, Spain

7. A lot of people don’t believe in curses. A lot of people don’t believe in yellow-spotted lizards either, but if one bites you, it doesn’t make a difference whether you believe in it or not.

8. Aspiring Asimovs!

9. Juju is not enough to protect you. Everything you have I will turn against you. I’ll turn sugar bitter for you. I’ll take your very shield and crack it on your head.

10. That bloody bastard! That thrice accursed son of a bitch!

11. One notorious apikoros named Hiwa al-Balkhi, writing in ninth-century Persia, offered two hundred awkward questions to the faithful. He drew upon himself the usual thunderous curses—’may his name be forgotten, may his bones be worn to nothing’—along with detailed refutations and denunciations by Abraham ibn Ezra and others. These exciting anathemas, of course, ensured that his worrying ‘questions’ would remain current for as long as the Orthodox commentaries would be read. In this way, rather as when Maimonides says that the Messiah will come but that ‘he may tarry,’ Jewishness contrives irony at its own expense. If there is one characteristic of Jews that I admire, it is that irony is seldom if ever wasted on them.

12. The bigger the family, the bigger the number of corpses it owes life

13. Curses and blessings look so much alike, one has got to have a sharp soul to tell the difference.

14. An untrained mind is way less inclined to count your blessings than it is inclined to count your curses.

15. Peoples bear the weight of curses longer than the princes who incur them.

16. One can only hope, as his life comes to end, there were more prayers in his favor, than curses lacking amend. “Tares among the Wheat” H. Melvin James, c. 2019

17. Enchantments and dreams: I suspect they are made of the same stuff. They each beguile the mind and confuse the senses with wonder and strangeness so all that was familiar becomes freakish, and the most bizarre of things intimate and natural. For the longest time after the curse fell, I did not know if I was a beast who dreamed of being a man, or a man who dreamed he was a beast.

18. If before the severe judge idle speech is reprehended, how much more that which is hurtful. Consider, then, how damnable those words be, which proceed of malice, when that talk shall be punished which proceedeth only from idleness.

19. The shorter one’s life, the longer the list of loved ones one will not have had to bury.

20. Some people see their blessings as curses. Some see their curses as blessings.

21. Enchantments and Dreams: I suspect they are made of the same stuff. They each beguile the mind and confuse the senses with wonder and strangeness so all that was familiar becomes freakish, and the most bizarre of things intimate and natural.

22. I have not come to take your blessings, I have come to take away your curses

23. May your ale taste like piss.

24. The nature of God is to bless the human but the nature of human is to live with his own cursesSomeone’s great blessing has sprung from a pain that you may not be able to endure. So, envy not the blessings they have, unless you are willing to take on the curses too.

25. Blessings and curses work the same way. If you think about them hard enough, they will turn into something real…

26. The curse of mortality is the other side of the coin of the blessing of life.

27. Some of the best things that have ever happened to us wouldn’t have happened to us, if it weren’t for some of the worst things that have ever happened to us.

28. Oh, by the thrice-beshitten shroud of Lazarus!

29. !’ was the first thing out of her mouth, followed by a steam of articulate and literate curses that were neither blasphemous nor prurient.She’d had years to develop a vocabulary of invective that wouldn’t offend anyone. It was the sort of thing a princess had to do if she was going to be able to adequately vent her feelings.

30. An experienced witch does not rely on karma. She relies on magickal justice.

31. Jagged needle, wicked lies From under the skin, pluck evil eyes. Destiny change from pain and cold Now that you pay in blood and soul.

32. Don’t degrade your soul to the extent of believing in curses. No man can curse you except your maker.

33. But you know, a wizard with black hair and a thick mustache put a curse on Moscow, and Petrograd, too, so that no one would be able to tell the truth without lying. If a novelist wrote a true story about how things really happened, no one would believe him, and he might even be punished for spreading propaganda. But if he wrote a book full of lies about things that could never really happen, with only a few true things hidden in it, well, he would be hailed as a hero of the People, given a seat at a writers’ café, served wine and ukha, and not have to pay for any of it. He’d get a salaried summer on the dacha, and be feted. Even given a medal by the wizard with the thick mustache.” The waiter whistled. “That’s a good curse. I should like to shake that wizard’s hand and buy him a vodka or two.

34. I bid your voice be dumb until the day you find a word worth speaking.

35. If I believed in curses, I would believe that this is mine: when it matters most, in the moments when I know with the greatest clarity exactly what needs to be done, everything I say comes out wrong.

36. Curses are like chickens, they always come home to roost.

37. May you never find satisfaction with another woman.” “Did you just curse me?

38. Tantrics flow with the rhythm of the universe, treating the universe as a manifestation of Shakti.They open themselves to receive universal energy and become a reservoir of those energies.When a Tantric blesses or curses, it materialises as accumulated energy, which when directed at someone has a massive impact

39. She stamped her foot. She hoped the greedy thing shit for a week. She hoped it shit its awful self insideout and backward, then fell into a crack and lost it’s name and died alone and hollow-empty in the angry dark

40. Vulnerability is the curse of the thinking classes.

41. I’ve seen its other side. I know what lives here, what’s been slumbering for so long.”
A hollow pit opened up where Roger’s heart was supposed to be. “How would you know that?” “I woke it up.

42. Never speak ill against someone else. You can’t know what life holds for you. The ill you speak against someone else may find you sooner than you think. Speak blessings not curses. It’s what I told my son. It’s what I’m telling you.

43. There are, he assures her, no such things as curses. There is luck, maybe, bad or good. A slight indication of each day toward success or failure. But no curses.

44. Pharaoh’s Flour promises the full fidelity of your husband and the eternal good behavior of your children—not only because the delicacies that you create with it can never be forgotten, but also because Pharaoh’s Flour bakes into every cake and pie the ancient spells and curses with which the pharaohs guarded their undisturbed homes and descendants into Eternity. And the ancient spells and curses, once guarded by the wise and wealthy, are now available in your kitchen. Pharaoh’s Flour!

45. Rather blessings, after counting my misfortunes, I realized how the more blessed I am.

46. GOD can turn every curse into a blessings.

47. Curses. Jesus. It took all kinds. There wasn’t anything to a curse but words. Just like blessings and prayers and all the rest of it. People used words to try to change what they should be changing with their own two hands. And if the problem was too big to fix, no words called up into the air would make a lick of difference.

48. There is only one curse that really exists and that is to believe naively that curses really exist!

49. Hentzau saw the Jade Goyl just as clearly as the Fairy had in her dreams. The pale green stone ran through his human skin like a promise.

50. I’m going to bed now, Lovis! Not to sleep. But to think and to curse, and woe better anyone who disturbs me!

51. Magic is not always formed from words, from cauldrons brewing sides or black cats strolling down dark alleys. Some curses are manifested from desire or injustice.

52. People’s curses will become your clue to win. The trash they think you have will become the treasure for greatness they will plead to enjoy! You will understand this better by and by!


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