Top 50+ Quotes About Boss


Quotes About Boss

1. You can be a sincere person devoting yourself to your husband child or boss, but your sincerity cannot and will not, fill the gap in your knowledge about your life purpose

2. Being a leader is making the people you love hate you a little more each day.

3. A sign of power in a man is not only when people follow what he suggests, but also when people make a conscious effort to do the exact opposite of what he suggests.

4. Many people are smarter than their stupid bosses.

5. In all of your living, don’t forget to live.

6. A boss says “go and make sure you do it”; a leader says “let’s go and make it happen”. Bosses control people; leaders involve them.

7. You’ll never make a fortune working for the boss man

8. Goals and dreams are not purposed to please others. I’d rather be the jester who adds value to those around me than a King with no vision or intention of making a difference.

9. Women have traditionally took secondary roles to men. I want to be the boss not the secretary.

10. If u want to work in Corporate, then u should know how to play Chess.

11. I nearly said something, but then thought better of it. It doesn’t pay to publicly point out the failings of the person providing your paycheck.

12. Work is my vacation from worry of what to do with my life

13. Leadership is not a position. It is who you are.

14. Be a Boss, Run a company, Own a movement but never let your heartbeat be anywhere else but home!

15. A baby is the most demanding boss, but pays your salary with smiles and love.

16. Everyone has a boss, and a business owner’s boss is their customers.

17. Unless you accept anyone to be your boss, no man can be your boss!

18. Everyone has a boss, and a business owner’s boss is the customer.

19. Boss asked if I was ready for more responsibility. I’m eating around a sticker on an apple cause I’m too lazy to peel it off so I guess no.

20. People go to school to get jobs when they should be learning to become job creators.

21. There are few things worse in leadership than an overdog with no vision trying to lead underdogs with great vision.

22. Every leader is a boss but every boss is not a leader.

23. The one, who likes to have an ‘underhand’, will inevitably come across a ‘boss’!

24. You telling everyone what to do does not make you the boss. You doing everything you told yourself to do makes you the boss.

25. If self-employment is the opposite of employed-by-other, than a job is outsourcing your freedom (time and talent) to a boss.

26. In any organization, someone must be the boss. If it’s even just one person, you’ve got to be the boss of yourself.

27. I would have sold my soul to the devil, but my boss had a better offer.

28. It should never be ME against the world but WE against the world.

29. It takes courage not to laugh at your boss’s joke, especially if it is funny.

30. A boss loves power; a leader loves people.

31. It was my shop, which meant I could come and go as I pleased. But it was my shop, which meant my absence was noted.

32. A group of sheep led by a tiger can defeat a group of tigers led by a sheep.

33. Crafting your work beats being told what to do.

34. Some people have the courage to bungee jump or even skydive, yet they lack the courage to work for themselves.

35. An effective boss is someone who doesn’t have to boss around to be effective.

36. The most effective boos is someone who doesn’t have to boss around.

37. Love her but let her be her own boss!

38. It is not enough to be approachable, you must also be approaching.

39. You’re not allowed pet the animals in a butcher’s job.

40. Very often managers are just a noise, while the real boss is the project, which we work for and which pays us.

41. A good leader always accepts the blame and distributes the reward.

42. The best bosses break down problems into bite-sized pieces and talk and act like each little task is something that people can complete without great difficulty.

43. If we protect the ‘underhand’ [those working under us], then the ‘boss’ will protect us. If we constantly reprimand the ‘underhand’, then the boss will constantly reprimand us.

44. Don’t hire anyone you wouldn’t want to run into in the hallway at three in the morning.

45. When you work for yourself, it’s a real bummer when you don’t like the boss!

46. I hire the most talented of people who are the least likely to throw a punch in the workplace.

47. Beware of the boss; they are like the bermuda triangle, you have to die clueless

48. In some cases, you can tell how somebody is being treated by their own boss from the way they are treating someone to whom they are a boss.

49. A true professional not only follows but loves the processes, policies and principles set by his profession.

50. You can be the most productive and most effective, but politics show up as ego, jealousy and sabotage from bosses who can’t perform.

51. Every man wants commendation, so do not just commend your boss, commend those who are under you.

52. Don’t let people intimidate you into downgrading your goals. They intimidate only because they are intimidated by your goals.

53. Bad boss? Fire him/her. When you’re interviewing for a job, You’re job is to interview them. You are an equal.

54. It is the sweat of the servants that make their squire look smart.

55. The difference between a boss and a leader: a boss says, ‘Go!’ – a leader says, ‘Let’s go!

56. A maid’s yard, house, wardrobe, fridge, etc. sometimes also serve as her master’s dustbin or dumpsite.

57. It is always a great honor to be the driver of your own car, to be the boss of your own fate!

58. Sidney Crosby is the best player in the NHL

59. He looked longingly out the window at the towering skyline of New York City and thought about jumping. It would hurt less than following orders.

60. Corporate rule number 7; survival of the fittest spoon. Those who follow reach nowhere.


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