Top 50+Activist Quotes


Activist Quotes

1. The work of the political activist inevitably involves a certain tension between the requirement that position be taken on current issues as they arise and the desire that one’s contributions will somehow survive the ravages of time.
2. I was not an activist.
3. Sometimes, I am also identified as a civil rights leader or a human rights activist. I would also like to be thought of as a complex, three-dimensional, flesh-and-blood human being with a rich storehouse of experiences, much like everyone else, yet unique in my own way, much like everyone else.
4. I always have been an activist for things that were just authentically a part of my life, that I felt connected to.
5. Sometimes, I am also identified as a civil rights leader or a human rights activist. I would also like to be thought of as a complex, three-dimensional, flesh-and-blood human being with a rich storehouse of experiences, much like everyone else, yet unique in my own way, much like everyone else.
6. As a peace activist, I am dismayed by the encouragement of aggressiveness and violence by television, movies, and war toys.
7. I don’t view Apple or myself as an activist. What we do is for some things where we think we have deep knowledge, or think we do, or a strong point of view, we’re not shy. We’ll stand up, speak out – even when our voice shakes.
8. You must become an activist if you are going to live the natural life.
9. All that I am is me. So I’m not really a poet or a writer or an actor or an activist; I’m me, and these are things that I do.
10. Being an activist is about getting things done. It’s not about standing around shaking your fist in anger.
11. The judicial system is really taking an activist role in preventing Trump from implementing his agenda.
12. I read everything and anything related to being queer. I found solace in reading authors like Audre Lorde and bell hooks, who would become my activist staples – their words helped me grow up and taught me how to be bold and courageous. By studying them, I came to understand that being young and queer and black would not be easy.
13. I’ve been an activist since I was a teenager. I was always curious about what we would now call social justice. I remember just trying to navigate growing up poor in an overpoliced environment with a single mother and a father who was in and out of prison.
14. I’m asking people to vote for me because I’m an activist leader and a problem solver.
15. I was raised with no religious training or influence. Except the influence was to be a moral and ethical person at the secular level. And to be a peace marcher, an activist for civil rights, peace and justice.
16. From activist stage, I just spoke and said whatever I had to say. When the writing started, I would just read it. Then I had the interest into going into musical aspects. When that happened in ’86, I liked the result of work we did in the studio.
17. My father was a physicist and also an activist. My first public protest was with my dad at Stanford. I came by all that honestly.
18. I don’t want to spend all my time working as an activist. I don’t get satisfaction out of it. I’d rather be doing something else. I’m a musician.
19. I think the importance of doing activist work is precisely because it allows you to give back and to consider yourself not as a single individual who may have achieved whatever but to be a part of an ongoing historical movement.
20. I’m not a gay rights activist.
21. I am not, at the end of the day, a mother, a wife, a writer, an activist, a friend. I am a child of God. That’s who I was when I came into this world and who I’ll be when I leave it. No one can take that from me.
22. You can’t always measure the effects of activist work; you just have to wish and pray that the message gets through.
23. When they put me in jail, that’s when they turned me into an activist. Up until the time I went to jail, I was just a comedian.
24. I’m not an activist; I don’t look for controversy. I’m not a political person, but I’m a person with compassion. I care passionately about equal rights. I care about human rights. I care about animal rights.
25. I have been an organizer and then activist and a legislator, all of that. But then there’s this big gap after I advanced in Congress and ended up as the ranking member of financial services committee. It took me into the financial services issues and Wall Street and Dodd Frank. And it took me away from the things that I did years ago.
26. Colin Kaepernick is one of the leaders in the movement for black lives. His role as an athlete and activist is not only motivating but inspiring.
27. Colin Kaepernick is one of the leaders in the movement for black lives. His role as an athlete and activist is not only motivating but inspiring.
28. The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river.
29. I’m a dad, I’m a husband, I’m an activist, I’m a writer and I’m just a student of the world.
30. I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets. I think that is not true anymore. I was a Republican at a time when I felt like there was a problem that the markets were under a lot more strain. It worried me whether or not the government played too activist a role.
31. I am not a lobbyist. I am not a political activist. I am not a leader, as far as I’m concerned.
32. I’ve been an activist since my late teens. I take this very seriously and try to use the gift that’s been given to me – access to the media – as positively as I can.
33. I’m in trouble with some activist women because I refuse to say I’m bisexual.
34. I’ve always had an interest in complicating the way that we perceive the black character, whether it’s the black academic or scholar or activist or black intellectual.
35. I feel like being an artist and being an activist are separate things; I know some people who feel very differently.
36. Activist government overreach and ongoing economic stagnation have shown us why Washington should not try to displace what is best left to civil society.
37. I’ve been a female activist since the time I was 13 years old.
38. When I was 19 or 20, the way I was an activist was by regularly meeting with groups, going to protests, and being there on the ground.
39. Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.
40. I am more than an immigration activist.
41. I don’t have one role that I want to play. I guess… I want to be a producer. I want to be an activist. I want to be proactive in bringing about work for men, women, boys, girls, everybody who is good at what they do and deserve a shot at it.
42. My outspoken beliefs have been embraced, but I don’t consider myself an activist. Maybe people consider me as that, but it’s not anything outrageous or bad I can’t live with.
43. I guess because the shows were activist in their own way – the marriage of my public activism and my career activism, you know – people understand me very well. They also understand there’s a very strong bipartisan part in all of this.
44. I’m not an activist.
45. I and you and everyone else has to be a political activist.
46. I feel like it’s actually everybody’s responsibility to use whatever platform they have to do good in the world, basically, and to try to make our society better, whether you’re an accountant or an activist or an athlete or whatever it is. I think it’s everybody’s responsibility.
47. I think Selena Gomez seems like one of the coolest people ever. And she’s, like, an activist as well, and clearly she loves love and is a loving person. I don’t know if it’s clear because I don’t know her, but it feels that way.
48. When I was a UA student, I was given the ultimate runaround when my student group wanted to bring author and activist David Horowitz to speak on campus.
49. I never thought about myself as an activist when we were coming along. I love the people I love. I didn’t care whether they could be a Democrat, Republican, communist… anything but a racist.
50. I still describe myself as the activist with cleavage. Breast implants made me feel a lot sexier.
51. I first bought a Buffy Sainte-Marie record when I was 12, and her music has always remained with me. In the 1960s, as a political activist, Buffy’s lyrics were fearless, and I’m very grateful for all the risks that she took.
52. People are always wondering if I am an artist or political activist or politician. Maybe I’ll just clearly tell you: Whatever I do is not art. Let’s say it is just objects or materials, movies or writing, but not art, OK?
53. My early years as a political activist were dominated by the poll tax.
54. I have been asking if I’m an activist or a journalist. And my answer is very simple. I’m just a journalist who asks questions
55. An activist is someone who makes an effort to see problems that are not being addressed and then makes an effort to make their voice heard. Sometimes there are so many things that it’s almost impossible to make your voice heard in every area, but you can sure try.
56. My friend Harry Belafonte is an activist and musician, an extraordinary man who has dedicated his life to human rights. He taught me the power of words and that music can be used to heal and educate people.
57. It’s really important to me to promote worthy causes. But not in a heavy, obligatory, responsibility way. I really admired that as a kid, learning about the ‘Elton John AIDS Foundation.’ And I was obsessed with The Indigo Girls. And they are the consummate activist group, always reaching out, especially to Native causes and things like that.
58. There can be no activist judges from any political party.
59. I don’t necessarily see myself as an activist, running down the street and knocking at every door.
60. I don’t see myself as an activist. I understand that people, with me doing ‘Satyameva Jayate,’ for example, they will feel that I’m being an activist, but I’m not. Actually, I’m not, because I think an activist, as I see it, as a person who is very, very – takes up one issue and remains with that one issue for his entire life. I’m not doing that.


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